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Landscape design trends for your backyard

A manicured garden, a stone patio design or deck adds value to the property. So, what are the hottest trends in backyard landscape design this year? Low-maintenance garden, drought resistant plants and recycled materials have become the standard in landscape design due to economic and environmental reasons.

Edible garden in your yard

Garden that has a mix of edibles and ornamental is like a double whammy as it not only adds aesthetic value to your garden, but also gives a harvest of fruits, vegetables and herbs. The harvest from the edible garden can be shared with the neighbors too! If you wish to make certain plants stand out, beautiful borders of stone or wood can be placed around the plants. If you have a huge garden, build a wall made up of plants, particularly vines.

Home to birds and bees

In addition to growing fruits and vegetables, bees and birds can also be given some space in the back garden. Although, one will need a particular training to become a beekeeper.

Good quality materials

Nowadays people are investing in quality materials compared to earlier over-the-top landscapes. Wood is the most preferred material than the wrought iron.

Landscaping with water

Water plays a vital role in landscape design. Most water features are inexpensive and the sound of the running water adds serenity to a garden and helps relieve stress. From runnels to waterfalls to splash pools to ornamental pools – these make an excellent water feature. Kidney shaped swimming pools and fountain are great for backyard design. One can go for a traditional type of fountain made of cement or a modern one made out of ceramic. Fishes can be stocked in small ponds to give a country-like evening atmosphere.

Outdoor fireplace

They make outdoor living space look great. An excellent way to incorporate this design into your backyard is to combine it with the patio.

Go green

Many prefer using the indoor materials for landscape design, such as scrap wood is an excellent fencing material, fallen branches of trees can be used as veggie fences.

Landscaping is just not about growing vegetables and fruits or using recycled materials to build one, it is also about getting closer to the nature. Get in touch with a landscape design contractor to know more about the landscape design trends for this year and incorporate one in your backyard!

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