Is It Better To Use Big Brand Moving Company Or Local Guys

When it comes to choosing the correct type of movers you often wonder is it better to use big brand moving company or local guys? In the spirit of wanting to help the local guys and create employment you may want to move with them so as to promote them but before doing that look at both sides and decide:

Quality of service offered

For local guys the thought that counts is moving you to get a paycheck at the end of the day. Even though they may have a website showing how they value customer satisfaction or big advertisements in your local area you will find out that they do not have any licensing information on their website, thus act illegitimately. Big brands name have taken time to know build their name and reputation and as a matter of fact you will find that they are members of American moving and storage associations (AMSA). This goes on to show how committed they are to you as a client. On the other hand big brand movers always act professionally and offer you valuation options for you to protect your items from loss and damage while in the hands of movers. This way you are sure they will be careful with all your belongings. In addition most brand names usually post their reviews online, this way you can see what their previous customers are saying about them. Giving you this information helps you be in a better frame of mind to make the decision.

Safety of your items

Big brand movers are usually professional in every sense and this is usually seen by the equipment that they come with to help you move. You are most likely to see padding of furniture before moving out of the house and glass equipment covered. However when it comes to locals guys, they often want to do what they were hired to do and that is move you as soon as possible. This they do haphazardly and since there is no insurance if anything breaks that is usually on you to figure out a way to replace it.


Local movers usually offer you a lower cost that big brand movers and this is usually a plus that comes with them. They usually have a slogan of flat rates and comparing it to the big brands. However these flat rates usually are just that, flat, charges such as dismantling and distance of moving are usually not accounted for. The possibility of having your items hoarded all in the name of getting their upped dues is very real.

However even though the ultimate decision to chose movers usually depends on you, it is far better to move with big brand names as they will act accordingly and give you the best customer service you deserve.

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