Making Yourself a Priority

Increase Your Happiness Quotient By Sharing

Have you ever thought about sharing story of your happiness? Ever smiled by seeing someone else’s happiness? Does your heart ever felt delight by listening to or watching cute things? Well, if so then it is true that by sharing good, positive and inspirational things you can make others happy.

You can share things which are special to you like a thought, a song, a book, a tool, a picture, or a recipe. Even your smile and affection is enough to lighten the world of depressed, sad and deprived people.

Double your happiness and halve your sorrow by sharing!

Today, negativity has sprawled in every corner of the world. News feeds are full of murder, rape, scam, divorce, deceit, vulgarity etc. The only way of replacing negativity with positivity is SHARING. When people see or read negative things, the negativity takes over their mind. Same things happen with positive things. If people see positive things around them, they get inspired to do positive things.

Whatever the human become is result of his (or her) thoughts. It is the mind which controls everything. Thus, by encouraging people to think positive, you can make this world, a better place to live.

Now, if you are thinking that how can you spread happiness and positivity in every corner of the world then the social networking websites can be a great platform. Yes, at initial level your social circle will be small but if your motto is good, more and more number of people will automatically connect with you.

Spread Happiness around You

Although there are oodles of social networking platform available on the World Wide Web, majority of them are full of useless selfies, Candy Crush updates, chain status posts, celebrity gossip, fake people, nude (almost) videos etc. Yes, it is not possible to start social care work on such platform. But there also exist some really very good social networking platform on the internet, which allows you to share good content. By joining such networks you will not only be able to share positivity with the world but also know about the positivity which still survives in the world.

“Happiness Only Real When Shared.”

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