How To Get Free Product Samples Directly from Companies

In order to get free product samples, you don’t always have to visit third party websites and fill out endless forms to get access to free samples and coupons. Some companies that make the products you want offer free samples through websites set up specifically to offer samples and coupons. If you do an Internet search for free samples, these sites will be listed on the results page.

Companies that Offer Free Samples

Proctor and Gamble, which now goes by the initials P&G, offers samples and couples through their P&G Everyday website. The company is one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of products in the world and their lines include cleaning products, beauty products and over the counter medications. When you get to their site, you can search for the products that you want, but before you can start receiving samples from them, you have to register for an account on their site.

Kraft, the well known food company, also offers free samples on their Kraft First Taste website. They require that you register on the site and give feedback in order to receive their free samples. Along with getting free samples for yourself, you can also acquire free samples for you friends and family by participating in polls and forums they have on their site. Along with the freebies, which come in the form of coupons, the site also features a recipes section and product information.

Stores Offering Free Samples

A few department stores also offer free product samples, usually food samples, through their websites. Retail giant Walmart offers free brand name samples through their website each week. The best way to find out what they are offering is to check with their site daily and look for information on the free product samples they are offering. Along with food products, they offer free Huggies products, Seattle’s Best and Oxy, along with others.

Another large retailer also offers product samples through their site as well. Target has an area on their website called the Target Sample Spot in which you can request the samples they are offering. Again, you do have to register on the site and they ask that you fill out a survey before you can receive the samples they have to offer. Their samples go quickly, so you should check the site frequently for offers.

By frequenting your favorite brands or stores’ websites, you can receive free product samples at home.

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