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How to Make Your Website More Navigable

If your Website is Awkward, Unprofessional or Confusing, that’s the Impression Visitors will Have of your Business. Plan Carefully your Sitemap, Don’t Send your Users Elsewhere.

How to Make Your Website More Navigable

In online marketing, business owners need to realize the benefits of having a great website. However, just making a website look great is nothing if visitors cannot navigate through it with ease. Research reveals that online visitors spend only a few seconds on websites. If a website becomes difficult to explore, a visitor simply leaves and looks for the information on a competitor’s website that might be easier to explore.


If you do not put clear signposts and logical paths on your homepage, it is nearly impossible to make any meaningful online sale. Your website users need to be able to explore the site pleasantly in order to help them accomplish their goal faster and easily. This can only happen if you design your content and your navigation routes appropriately.

With Website ×5, it is easy to make your website easy to explore. The software introduces a visual process with easy-to-use features that enable you to change whatever you want whenever you want. Once you are through with the website and the content design , your website needs to have clear navigation paths to enable your visitors explore the site with ease.

With website ×5, you are able to establish fixed or local website navigation, each with distinctive features. Fixed navigation includes menu items that should display on every page. Alternatively, local navigation includes context menus that display on the main website areas. Besides, you can add as many menus and include as many links as you want, to your fixed or local navigation.


Fixed navigation menus, often appear on the horizontal bar at the top of the web page, while context menus appear vertically on the left side of the home page. If your website has many main areas, or you want the site to appear more dynamic, you are free to put your fixed navigation menus vertically. Navigation settings with website x5 take place in two main stages:

  • With default template or template structure window, it is possible to choose either a vertical or a horizontal menu. A vertical menu is suitable if you need a fixed navigation menu on the left-hand column of the page.
  • Secondly, you can use sitemap creation window to create your website’s tree structure then add levels and pages, with various levels. In the tree structure, first-level items are placed in line with the items in the fixed navigation menu. The other levels are meant for local navigation.

It is possible to make your website easily navigable, a step you can achieve by implementing the following strategies:

Web Design Creation of clear navigation menus: your users expect to find what they want from your website in the shortest time possible. For easier navigation, put your navigation menus at the top of the web page where they are visible. Besides, your links and tabs should be clear enough and appropriately named with the products or services they represent, along with the information they provide. Installing a drop-down feature for easy navigation can help users explore specific sections of the website.

Implement a hierarchy: a logical flow of information and easy-to-understand categories make it easier for your visitors to explore your site with ease. Including a breadcrumb trail under your main navigation menu can help your customers identify where they are as they explore the site. That order also enables them to step back in case they select a wrong product.

Make your categories popular: you can use Google analytics to achieve this objective. You can easily see what your visitors are searching for through your search function. This can enable you to create categories of your products according to their popularity based on what customers are looking for quite often.

Including images can also help you make your website more navigable. For instance if you include a picture of an envelope or a shopping cart on your website, it helps your visitors make a decision first-hand to the appropriate page.

The main advantage of using WebSite X5 is that it generates your sitemap automatically based on the types of menus you select and on your website map. In addition to that, the items on your navigation menu are established as simple contextual links. By installing the software, you can be sure that your visitors will find your website more navigable. When that happens, you can get increased web traffic and improved search engine ranking.

While making sure that your website is easy to explore, it is important to install appropriate software to enable easy creation of navigable websites. A website that is difficult explore poses a great danger to the owner, as visitors find it difficult to meet their objectives.

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