How To Blow Dry Your Hair Like A Professional Hair Stylist

Are you having a hard time recreating that perfect blow dry style at the salon? Few things are better than getting a professional blowout at the salon but it can be difficult to recreate the look at home. Here are a few tips to help you blow dry your hair like a pro at home.

Choose The Right Hair Brush

If you’e going for volume use a round ceramic air brush with a large barrel. The size of the ideal brush will depend on the look you’re going for. If you want more defined curls pick a smaller brush but if want more lift and body, pick a larger one. If you just want sleek, straight looks pick a flat brush instead. A vented brush allows a blow dryer’s airflow to dry your hair faster.

Pick The Right Styling Products

The ideal styling products will depend on your hair type. If you have really dry or damaged hair you may want to apply an oil product, like argan oil towards the end of your strands. If you have curly hair you may want to use a straightening serum if you want sleek looks or a defining mousse if you want to enhance your waves.

Dry Your Hair Like A Pro

A perfect blowout is all in the technique. Use a brush to style as your blow drying and pull the hair tight and tault while you direct the airflow down the hair shaft from roots to the very end. It is important to direct the airflow down and towards the same direction as your hair for a sleek appearance.

Select The Right Hair Dryer

Most stylists use a professional hair dryer in order to achieve salon worthy results.  The best professional hair dryer should be quite powerful with at least 1800 watts in order to style a wide variety of hair from fine to extra thick. They also tend to have a longer life motor compared with consumer dryers since stylists usually blow dry numerous clients throughout the day. Brands that are often used by hair stylists include Supersolano, T3, Elchim and Babyliss.

You may also want to keep hair type in mind. For example, the best blow dryer for those with fine or thin hair is ceramic since it won’t weigh your hair down. Ionic dryers are often touted as the best but the fact is that they can flatten hair and while they leave hair shiny it won’t add any volume for those with fine hair.

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