Hip Replacement Surgery Procedure

There are lots of body parts that can be reduced to pain due to excessive activities in daily life. Some of these are very significant and definitely require surgeries in order to continue with life. Hip replacement surgery is one of those areas as well because no one can move, walk or even sit without having hip replacement surgery done to stay active everywhere.  Since this surgery is very important and also a very big and complicated one, it is necessary that some things related to its procedure are well known by the people who are going for it. They are given as follows

What Is Hip replacement surgery All About?

This is a type of surgery in which the total hip replacement takes place through a procedure where the cartilage that has diseased and the joint of the hip that has been affected are replaced by artificial materials of the same kind. The hip joint normally has a ball and a socket joint while the cup shaped pelvis called the acetabulum is also replaced. Different materials and designs are used to make the artificial hip joint while it also has a ball (made of strong ceramic or metal) and a socket (cup of plastic, ceramic, metal, etc).

The Recovery Time

While hip surgery can be a very complicated one but still it has less recovery time than the knee surgery. The time can differ from patient to patient, but on average about 4 weeks are enough –  however, at maximum, it can take about 6 months.

The Causes

There might be numerous causes that are associated with hip replacement surgery and it can also be due to another chronic disease too. RA or Rheumatoid Arthritis is one of the most major causes as it causes joint pain, swelling, stiffness, etc besides bone tumors and injuries that can lead to broken hip joints too.

What Happens During the Procedure?

The head of the thigh bone is cut and removed while the hip socket is also cleaned out to remove the rest of the cartilage and the arthritic bone that has been damaged. Then the new hip socket as well as the metal stem is inserted in the place while the correct size is placed with care for the new joint.

The Time

The time to stay in the hospital also varies with the type of hip operation  or surgery that is performed. It can take from one day to four days. For a two-incision hip surgery, one day stay is enough while three days are required if it is a primary total hip replacement surgery performed. A revision hip replacement requires even more time as a person might live in the hospital for at least five to six days.

The Effect

After the hip replacement surgery has been performed, one needs to be careful within the start however, this surgery lasts for up to 20 years at least until the next one.

Now that you all about hip arthroscopy woodbridge va and how long it lasts, etc you can surely be much comfortable when you go to your surgeon for the hip arthroscopy treatment.

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