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Getting a Tier 2 Visa in the UK

If you are looking to immigrate or travel to the UK and have either been offered a skilled job inside the UK or are originally from outside the European Economic Area and Switzerland, then you may qualify for a Tier 2 Visa. The Tier 2 Visa allows individuals from overseas to legally live and work in the UK, provided their employer has a sponsor license and the job being offered involves skilled labor or is at least an NQF level 6 or NQF level 4 (creative).

You may have already deduced from the above paragraph that obtaining a Tier 2 Visa can be somewhat of a complex process. There are a lot of details and jargon to understand in order to fully navigate the system. Plus, even those who do navigate it successfully are unlikely to be comfortable with its scope or complexity. Within the Tier 2 Visa classification, there is a further subset of types depending on various factors. Tier 2 Intra-Company Transfer, for example, is a specific type of visa for skilled workers looking to transfer within their existing company to a location within the UK.

The details continue to get dizzying, and there is lots of paperwork to be filled out precisely. Fill something out improperly, and you’ll potentially suffer long delays or even get hit with fines or extra charges. This is where Work Permit Centre can come to the aid of many would be UK immigrants.

“Taking the Work Out Of Work Permits”

…so says Work Permit Centre’s play on words of a tag line. Specialising in assisting both corporate and private clients, Work Permit Centre helps companies bring skilled workers into the UK and helps private citizens come to or stay within the UK. Their dedicated staff members work as guides and aides in every step of the visa process, from information to application to acquisition. Whether you are trying to secure a single visa for yourself or need to enlist some professional help to acquire a number of visas for new employees to your UK-based business, Work Permit Centre is ready to provide assistance.

The experts at Work Permit Centre are well versed in UK immigration laws, familiar with the process of applying for and acquiring visas, and have helped their clients secure hundreds of visas. Navigating the technical details and the bureaucracy of the immigration system is complicated, but they manage to simplify the process and allow the client to more or less simply submit their information. Taking the stress of regulations and careful details off your mind, they provide one of the more stress-free routes to securing a valid visa.

Explore the Opportunities of Employment in the UK

Anyone looking to tap into the possibilities of working in the UK should not hesitate to give Work Permit Centre a call. Whether you’re transferring within your current company or starting anew, they will be able to assist you with your journey and spare you lots of time and hassle. Each case is handled individually, and the first step is filling out an assessment form to examine the unique details of each applicant.

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