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Fashion Photography; From a fantasy to the real world

It is difficult to miss the sleek fashion photographs one sees in glossy magazines and billboards. Fashion photography is everywhere! It is the most sought after profession in the photography world. The lucrative and glamorous world associated with it, makes it extremely competitive branch of business. Unlike commercial photography, prominence is not just given to the attire. In fact, clothing is just an accessory that talks about a confident lifestyle. A good photographer is one who interprets the underlying ideas or themes of the season, the clothing assortment, the designer or a brand. The whole process is quite complex. You will not see simple white or off-white background in fashion photography and the models are styled very significantly with thick eyeliners, eyeshadows, etc.

Apart from intricate styling, the complexity of lighting also plays a vital role as it can make the picture look more dramatic. Many commercial photographers stick with one light, but most fashion photographers use a wide array of lights and lighting accessories. A professional photographer in Spain can achieve the effect with just one light too.

Process of a shoot

  • Prep makes one perfect – A good photographer follows a detailed conceptualization method. In order to prepare for a day-long shoot, the photographer has to be organized and pay attention to details. The best photographers never leave anything to chance.
  • Clothes that make the shoot – At the start of your career, finding the right outfit and best stylist to work with can be cumbersome. Understand the challenges associated at the beginning of one’s career.
  • Working with a team – Getting to work with the right team can make a lot of difference. Learn to communicate efficiently with the makeup, hair and wardrobe stylist to achieve your vision.
  • Guiding the model – You can never get to work with supermodels and cover girls at the onset of your career. Understand the techniques and get relevant advice to get new faces and beginners.

photgraphy It can be difficult to establish oneself if you do not know how to click photographs and market oneself. But remember, there is no right way to get started in the fashion industry. From handling lighting, equipments, and the technical aspects of taking fashion images; to putting together a good team; to understanding the importance of establishing oneself; to advertising your portfolio – it is a tell-all, no-holds-barred career path that will help explore the world of fashion photography.

Photos courtesy of the most professional photographer in Spain Mr. Sergi Albir from Archerphoto.

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