Private Networking

Easy Apps To Connect with Cool People Without Sharing Contact Info!

Are you afraid to ask for contact number? Are you confused about sharing your contact information with new people? Or are you looking for smart video calling apps? Well, no need to worry then. With the help of face to face video apps you can connect with cool people without sharing contact information. Such smart video chat or video calling apps are available for smart phone users. Thanks to face to face video calling apps, getting in touch with new people has become a lot easier.

Face to face video apps: Beyond video calling

For understanding new people, face to face video apps can be very beneficial. Many times people are not interested in sharing the contact information with people whom they just met. In such situation, face to face private apps can help you to connect with ‘known strangers’!

When you install private networking app in your smart phone, this app will not hinder your privacy at all. Nobody can see your personal photographs, contact number or any other stuff via private networking apps. It means you can share what you want to share and hide what you want to hide. The private connect app provides total control in your hand.

Try Nice To Meet You app!

Many video and text chat apps are available in the market but private connect apps are rare. However, Nice To Meet You app is positively displaying private networking technology. Nice To Meet You is a popular private connect app available for Iphone and android users.

You can use such private connect app in situation like-

Consider a situation where you accidently met a handsome boy (or a beautiful girl). You don’t know anything about each other’s background. It is your first meeting and you are totally comfortable with each other. Your heart is saying that you should share your contact number with him (or her) but your brain interrupts and says NO! Well, in such situation it is really very difficult to tackle the battle between heart and brain. So, simply tap Nice to meet you app, build connection and connect with each other.


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