Decide the right tent for your wedding – check between two broad categories

If the coming event is any wedding ceremony, then wedding tent rental is an important point that you need to consider. If you are planning something special, then you can organize the complete event in an outdoor spot. While renting a tent, your decorator must give you two options.

  • A frame tent and
  • A pole tent

Each of them is meant for some purpose. Know their essential features and decide the one that you must avail.

Features of a Frame tent

  • A frame tent is quite large in size. Due to the size of the tent, poles cannot hold the tent by any means.
  • In a frame tent, the linen must be of very high quality. If you do not use a hard cover, the frame structure can be visible both from inside and outside. You can even hire linens separately. Linen rentals are available in the market.
  • Frame tents are usually very much costly. They can be expanded to a different level with attached halls. This is one of the reasons, why frame tents are liked by many. Most of them are looking to expand their hall to a different level.

Features of a Pole tent

  • This tent looks great. It has an appearance that is open. However, you can also cover the tent area with proper linen.
  • The surface area of a pole tent is much lesser than usual frame tents.
  • There is one disadvantage of a pole tent, i.e. there is a pole that is put in the middle of the event area.
  • In many of the parties, you will find that the pole is perfectly managed and supported. The stage within the tent is created around that pole. This covers the space and enhances the looks and the decorum.
  • The final point you will like about a pole tent is its low cost. The costs of these structures are not only less, but are very much reasonable when compared to that of the frame tents.

The above features well describe the different specialties that are adhered with the two types of tents. Your decorator will naturally try to direct you towards the framed tents. You must analyze your strength and your invited people heads. If a smaller tent is capable to accommodate all your guests, do not unnecessarily invest on large tents. Visit the tent rental company nyc for more details.

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