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Creating The Perfect Vintage Home

Are you looking to go vintage chic and turn your home into a gorgeous haven in the style of times gone by? Then these useful tips will help you create the perfect vintage home.

If you’re considering revitalising your home taking inspiration from the past, then you’re going to be well catered for by current trends. Upcycling is all the rage, as is scouting for treasures at car boot sales and covering your walls in hand-made vintage wall tiles, detailed wallpaper and classic accessories. You only have to go on Pinterest to see reams and reams of gorgeous vintage home examples providing you with plenty of inspiration and ideas to apply to your own space. If you’re new to all things vintage and don’t know where to start then these tips should help you get started, but remember the essence of a successful vintage home is its originality so trust your own instincts and don’t simply copy a look you have seen in a photo:

When Is Your Era?

Which era do you really fancy emulating in your home? The 50’s have been a big trend for a while now and there’s nothing more fun than pastel wall tiles in your kitchen teamed with kitschy floral cups and saucers. Or maybe you’re inspired by Mad Men and fancy some sexy 60’s mod leathers and geometrics to make your home slick? And then there’s the 1970’s bohemian look, which fits in quite nicely with the rustic, outdoorsy interior trend this year. When you know which era you want to tackle, you will need to really invest some time in getting to know the full style of that time. Consistency is key when it comes to creating a vintage home otherwise it will simply look like you have thrown together items with no thought. Go to vintage shops, look online and try to watch films based in that era – all inspiration is useful.

Get A Showstopper

A really good start is to invest in a showstopper for a room, something that you immediately notice when you walk in that pretty much screams the era you’re emulating. It could be a sofa, a table, vintage floor tiles, or even a piece of art. It’s a really good way to start designing a room and will help you with colour schemes and additional items to either match to it, or contrast against it.

Colour, Colour, Colour

People are afraid of colour because they think it makes their home look smaller. This is true with some rooms, but not all of them so now is the time to let go of that fear and embrace colour! Go for feature ceramic wall tiles or use wallpaper in the style or colour scheme of your chosen vintage era, or simply go bright and bold with your furniture and ornaments. If you’re not particularly brave the best way to introduce colour is with non-permanent pieces such as furniture, soft furnishings and accessories rather than items which are harder to change such as flooring, tiles or wallpaper.

Life Is Full Of Surprises

Now is the time for your creativity to shine. You need to start thinking outside of the box in regards to how you’re going to display your vintage wares. Displaying everything on mantelpieces and in dressers may well give you granny chic, rather than vintage chic which is why your items need to be displayed in a fresh and interesting way. You could hang some extra shelves – curved ones, circular ones, or ones that snake down your wall – shelves aren’t just straight any more. And don’t feel they have to be hung where you would usually hang them either – hang some in your kitchen, or in your hallway and fill them with carefully selected little ornaments.

Remember, it’s your home, your style, so always lead with your personal tastes and creativity when designing your home. There are no set rules with creating the perfect vintage home, so be brave, do your research and most importantly – have fun!

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