Becoming a Legal Secretary

A career as a legal secretary is best suited to individuals who are not only interested in law but also perform their tasks in a methodical manner. Legal secretaries primarily provide admin support and services for professions in the field of law such as legal executives, solicitors, and lawyers. He or she has the role of ensuring that the office runs smoothly and efficiently to enable the employer to focus more energy on serving the clients.

Traditionally, secretarial positions are held by women- although a paradigm shift has been witnessed in recent times. Nevertheless, a woman who is interested in law, but doesn’t want to become a lawyer per se may pursue a career as a legal secretary.

Getting qualified

It is not necessary for someone to have a law degree from the University. However, undertaking legal secretarial courses strategically position you in the industry. Some people started as legal secretaries to become solicitors and lawyers. There are a couple of legal secretary courses London that interested persons may pursue.

  1. CILEx courses

The majority of employers find it easy to employ individuals who have completed CILEx legal secretary courses. CILEx is widely recognized as the industry standard for offering legal secretaries courses, as well as other legal support staff. Typically, CILEx courses are considered thorough and capable of covering a broad range of appropriate practical skills that a person needs to succeed as a legal secretary. These courses are taught by qualified lawyers who possess teaching skills. To increase your job prospects and confidence, CILEx courses are highly recommended. These courses include accredited legal secretary course (CILEx level 2), CILEx legal secretary course (level 3) and legal PA diploma (combined with CILEx level 3).

  1. CPD legal secretarial training

A professional institute, CPD accredits training in career development, and it is recognized by the Law Society as well as the Solicitors Regulation Authority. CPD legal secretary courses enjoy an incredible reputation in the legal industry. Individuals who cannot afford CILEx legal courses may find this one relatively more affordable. It is more economical even regarding the time taken to complete.

Career progression

Legal secretaries have the potential to become PAs for top lawyers. The salaries of personal assistants command high salaries. As a PA, you only work for one person. You also become the first point of contact for the clients. Further, they are allowed to make decisions on behalf of their employers. They take on more roles and responsibilities that entail accounts or marketing as well as budgets. With more responsibilities at their disposal, personal assistants in the legal industry must be organized, reliable and committed. At the end of the day, legal secretaries are an important part of the legal industry and law firms would find it difficult to operate without them.

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