Chasing a Career in Finance and Bookkeeping

In the last few years, careers related to accounting, finances and bookkeeping have become highly popular (especially among women) and fortunately for everyone interested in this branch, various job possibilities keep showing up. Basically, every type of entrepreneurship, company and business demands someone who is qualified for financial management, accounting and bookkeeping.

Bookkeeping used to be a job which could be learned “on the go” but today, at least 2 years of higher education is demanded from most companies. High school students interested in this branch should focus on math and office skills in order to build a solid basis for further education. Having a degree in finance and accounting opens up job possibilities, such as basic bookkeeping, company secretary, chartered management accountant, public finance accountant, and the degree might be useful in some banking and tax management jobs. Salaries vary. Some minimum is estimated to be around $36, 000 while with an Accountancy PhD, you can work as an accounting professor and earn up to $130,000 annually!

Employers prefer employees who own certificates, such as the AAT Certificate in bookkeeping (Association of Accounting Technicians). The AAT Courses London has bases all over the world, but those living in the UK might have the upper hand, because the AAT headquarters are in London. Therefore, taking AAT courses or similar bookkeeping courses in London might tremendously increase your value on the market.

The AAT offers certificated for everyone, whether you’re interested in basic banking and bookkeeping, or performing complex mathematical tasks related to finances. According to that, you can acquire an Introductory, Intermediate and advanced Bookkeeping Certificate. By taking AAT courses, you will obtain practical skills which you will use in your career on a daily basis. The courses last around 12 weeks and involve learning about banking systems, journals and accounts, as well as processing bookkeeping transaction. The greatest advantage of the AAT course is its flexibility. Online learning is possible, and you can easily adapt the courses to your time schedule.

As previously mentioned, the demands for qualified accountants and bookkeepers will keep rising over the years, so finding a job might be a lot easier than in other branches. Yet, a minimum of 2 years of experience is usually required. It is recommended to cooperate with a local business and ask for an internship in order to gain sufficient experience. Job offers can be found at many companies and banks and freelance online bookkeeping is gaining on popularity as well!

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