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All busy women need this gadget: Hint, it’s not a smartphone

Portable power bank!!

They go by a lot of names: external battery charger, mobile battery pack and about a half dozen others. Whatever you want to call it, when you have one, it rapidly becomes one of your best friends. I’m close to naming mine!

Our dependence on technology is unavoidable, no matter how resistant we might be. I’ve certainly reached the point that if I leave the house without my phone, I’ll either have to turn around and go back to get it, or I’ll be an anxious basket case for the day. I need my phone…and I’m not alone.

Most people will agree that they simply can’t go to work, to school, or travel without a smartphone and/or a tablet. What’s the next worst thing to leaving the device at home? Running out of battery! That brings me to one of the hottest tech gadgets that all women should have: a portable power bank.


It’s one small device, but it’s surprisingly life changing.

Like the microwave, the internet, or my cell phone, I now wonder how I lived before power banks! I started off with one of those little ones, you know, the lipstick shape/size charger and that was fine in case of emergencies. Those mini ones really only give you enough power for an extra phone call or a few pictures at my kid’s recital. It was great at first but since then my needs for battery power have apparently become a lot more hardcore. Why? Because I have more devices, and because when people find out that I have a power bank, they inevitably need to use it at some point.

A power bank can fit into every part of a busy life.

When you get a good one – mine is a Mogix Slim Fit 10400 mAH and it’s perfect for several charges on my iphone 5 (I can get five full charges before having to plug it in). I can also charge my friend’s Samsung Galaxy phone at the same time my iphone is charging – the thing is universal so it works on any type of phone and it’s got two ports to plug into!

When you get a slim, lightweight one, you can fit it into your pocket, your purse, your gym bag, a diaper bag, or just about anywhere else. Wherever you go, it’ll go with you.

If you’re a mom, you will become your child’s hero (again), when you’re able to reach over and plug in their handheld videogame console. Let me tell you, my power bank has saved the day more than once for my 12-year old, during long car drives, while sitting in waiting rooms for doctor and dentist appointments, or even while visiting friends that don’t have kids of their own – This is pure Tech Goodness!

I’ve started giving them as gifts. It totally made shopping easier during the holidays and great when I’m in a pinch for a low cost birthday present. I don’t even have to lend mine to my son anymore, because he got one for Christmas from his uncle (there was some serious hint dropping going on). At school, each student in his class uses their own ipad all day, in a room that doesn’t have enough outlets. The students are supposed to remember to charge at night so that they can show up with a full battery every day. If they run out of juice, they can even be marked down on their grades for being unprepared. With this tech gadget, that’ll never happen to him…he absolutely loves it!

The dependence that we have on smartphones, tablets, and now even my Fitbit has made it clear that battery power is the next most important thing to having the latest, greatest device itself! Since we all can’t just sit next to a wall socket all day, bringing the power with us is the next best thing.

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