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How to get the most out of your smartphone battery life

What you do on your smartphone and tablet makes a huge difference in how long their batteries last which in turn causes more battery charging interruptions throughout your day. Many have been finding that you are not getting as much smartphone battery life from each charge due to what you may or may not be doing all day. Sure, it could be that your phone isn’t as new as it used to be, but it could also be that you’re not treating it the same way as you did when you first got it.

There are a lot of factors that come into play when it comes to how much charge you’ll get from your gadgets.

Most smartphones have a feature that will allow you to see exactly what is draining the battery. One of the best things that you can do to extend your smartphone battery life is, therefore, to find out what is causing it to wear down so quickly. Check out how much power each of the apps need. Have a look at how much the screen itself is sucking up. You might discover that a few simple tweaks to your settings can help you to get more time out of your device between charges.

Use the auto-brightness feature for your screen, or manually turn it down to lengthen your smartphone battery life.

If you don’t have an auto brightness setting on your smartphone, then just turn it down as much as you can, while still being able to see it comfortably. The screen dimmer feature is usually quite easy to access so when you reduce it as much as you can, you’ll stop draining your battery as quickly, at the same time.

Other steps that you can take to make your device last longer is to turn off features that you’re not using. For example, near field communication (NFC) technology and Bluetooth can cause a battery to run down more quickly. If you’re not using them, just shut them off. That can make a notable difference. Shutting off WiFi and an LTE connection is even more important, as the internet can be a real power pig!

Of course, there are times when you just can’t help but watch your battery power as it drops, and there is nothing you can do about it. You have to use your device! In those cases, your smartphone battery life is likely best served by a good portable power bank. That way, even when the juice runs out on the device, you still have a backup pack ready to charge it back up again.

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