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When should you consider uncontested divorce?

Are you considering separation from your spouse? Major disputes during a divorce occur in issues concerning division of property, child custody, spousal maintenance and division of the debt. If these issues have been resolved mutually and, there’s clarity revolving it, then you can go in for an uncontested divorce. Let’s understand what happens in an uncontested separation and when should it be considered.

Uncontested vs. Contested Divorce

There’s no divorce that’s truly uncontested if it involves the issues related to property, custody and debt. But, not all issues need to see the face of a court. Some of these issues can be resolved mutually. If the spouses can resolve the matter legally without a trial, the divorce is considered uncontested. But, if the separation involves complexities, then you might have to consider contested divorce and seek help from a lawyer for the way ahead.

Uncontested Divorce: Points to Consider

Before you plan to consider uncontested separation,  consider a few points that will help you in filing for divorce.

Property DivisionYou both are aware of all the assets and bank accounts, past and present, owned by each. Both of you have come to a mutual agreement on how to divide these assets and are on the same page. In such cases your divorce would be uncontested

Child Custody: If you can see eye to eye in matters involving custody of your child, then there is no need to contest as per family laws. This issue actually prolongs enough to make parents stand opposite each other in the court of law and Dearborn Heights lawyer.

Cost Involved: You are actually looking at quickly finishing the whole process of divorce and minimizing the costs involved. You don’t want to prolong the process. In such cases, an uncontested legal divorce would be the best way to go ahead.

Seek Professional Help

In case you are looking at options to resolve your separation amicably, go the uncontested way. The divorce and family laws are different in every state. Seeking help and guidance from an lawyers in Dearborn Heights, Michigan would help you understand the legalities involved and ease out the whole process.

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