What Causes Female Hair Loss At Temples And How To Treat It

Losing hair is a nightmare already, but it can be more evident if you start losing hair from your temples. Why does it happen? How do you treat it? Before visiting hair transplant centers, read this to get your questions answered.

What Causes Hair Loss At Temples?

There may be many reasons why you might be losing hair around your crown and temples. Some of the reasons are:

It’s in The Genes

Sometimes, temple hair loss carries itself in generations. You may be a victim of temple hair loss, if your family has it too. This has nothing to do with your poor diet and lifestyle. It runs in the family and there is a lot of frustration as well.


Temple hair loss is very common in women. Menopause is one of the biggest reasons why. Menstruation is a natural cycle, and as much as women hate it, menstruation helps to regulate different types of hormones in your body to make you healthy. If a woman gets menopause, she is bound to be faced with a lot of difficulties in her body, with temple hair loss being one of them. Menopause restricts hair growth in general, but around the temples, it is more evident, since the hair around the temples is weak and prone to breakage.


Pregnancy is also another reason why women suffer from hair loss. Pregnancy also alters with your hormones, so it is natural for your hair to fall and become brittle.


Stress is also a huge culprit when it comes to hair loss. Stress makes your hair brittle and you can’t seem to take care of yourself when you are overworked. You know what they say, “stress is a silent killer”. If you don’t want to lose any more hair than you have lost, try to be more relieved and stress-free.

Deficiency of Vitamins

Vitamins may sound insignificant, but they are very important for your body to sustain any sort of damage. Deficiency of vitamin B and D can cause a lot of hair fall. Vitamin B and D also help to promote hair growth. So, if you are suffering from a lot of hair loss, then you might want to get your vitamin levels checked as soon as possible.

How To Treat Temple Hair Loss?

Here are some ways you can combat temple hair loss to get back healthy and fuller hair:

Say No to Heat

If you are a fan of styling your hair with heating tools, then you might need to let the tools go. Heat is not good for weak hair. While your hair are restoring back to health, it is a good idea to refrain from using tools and heat styles on your hair. Constant use of heat and manipulation can lead to severe hair loss.

Take Supplements

If you want, you can consult with your doctor to prescribe you hair supplements which will help you to restore your hair. One thing that cannot be stressed upon enough is to make sure you are not getting these supplements over the counter, you have to see a doctor, so he/she can see if you are allergic to anything or something can cause you a reaction or infection. So, make sure you are consulting a doctor before you take any sort of hair growth enhancing supplements. Your doctor will know better which supplement to prescribe you.

Avoid Tight Hairstyles

Hair styles which involve tugging on your hair tightly is not good for already weak and damaged hair. High and tight ponytails can put a lot of stress on your hair and can cause a lot of hair breakage along the hairline and temples. So, make sure you are avoiding the types of hair styles, which involve a lot of pulling and tugging on your hair. Remember, your hair is not an elastic band, it cannot be stretched to its limit. You have to be mindful of this fact.

This article has you covered from head to toe about losing hair around your temples. Follow the given tips and your hair will thank you. If the hair loss is clearly visible, you can also get advice from hair transplantation doctors if you are eligible for a surgery.

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