Ways to Stop Eye Allergies

Spring to fall allergy to summer, for allergy suffers the change of the season can be very serious. If you are like the millions that suffer from allergy eyes or allergic conjunctivitis, you understand the pain that the season can bring. Here are the best easy tips that can help relive these puffy, swollen, red itchy eyes.

Eye drops

Using over-the-counter synthetic tears multiple times a day can help decrease the severity of allergy eyes. Although it is not an allergy medicine, best artificial tears such as Refresh Optive or Systane, better the health of your eyes tear film. A fit tear film can decrease an allergy eye reaction, and using the artificial tear can support wash away pollen and other allergens from the eyes surface. For more extreme cases, your Optometrist can prescribe the right anti-allergy eye drop.

Shut the windows

Keeping pollen and other outdoor allergens outer is very important to a fit home. It is advised that during high allergy times, keep the windows shut in your home and run the air-conditioning to keep the air circulating. It is vital to replace your air-conditioning unit filters regularly. As an included level of protection, it may be an advantage to upgrading to a higher standard air filter that gets rid of more airborne allergens from reaching inside the house.

Try cucumbers

Applying a chill compresses over the eyes with a chill washcloth or wrapped ice-pack can support decrease the severity to puffy eyes. Some may favor using sliced cucumbers for the same chilling relief as well as it is antioxidant features. Both cucumbers and chill compress should be used at least 2 times per day, evening and morning, to help decrease swelling, chemosis, around the eyes.

Switch the better contact lenses

Contact lens wearer can experience a more extreme allergy eye reaction. By decreasing your contact lens wear time and wearing your glasses more will support decrease eye inflammation and better full health of the eye.

Contact lens wearers can also hugely better the health and decrease eye allergies by changing to a one day or daily contact lens. This will better the full health of your eyes and also get rid of the need for contact lens solution. Contact lens cleaning solutions have many chemicals and bad preservations that many people are allergic to. If you have a serious issue, must call nasal allergy doctor to get rid of these issues.

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