Dangerous Toys

Toys that can harm or even kill your kid!

Parents beware! Your child might be in danger, especially during the holiday season! Sadly, every day we get to read or hear reports of dangerous and defective toys that have harmed innocent children. There are 15 Dangerous Toys that Could Kill You and thousands of not-so-safe toys that are always being pulled from the market due to flawed design, manufacturing defect, hazardous packaging, missing warning labels and improper quality checking but there are. And every year, scores of children are treated for toy-related injuries.

Toys are supposed to be fun and significant for a child’s development. Choking is a major risk for kids under three years as they like to put things in their mouth. The other most common injuries include lead poisoning from those toys covered with lead paints, getting strangulated from strings or ropes, fractures and burns due to defective products.

Lead poisoning can permanently damage brain cells thus, leading to learning disabilities and behavioral problems in children. Delayed growth, speech defect, kidney failure, hearing problem, ADHD, can also be the result of lead poisoning. Electric toys pose a risk of electrocution because of defective wiring. According to the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, toy-related injuries in the U.S. alone have risen by 40 percent since 1990.

So, as parents what can you do to protect your child from toy-related injuries? Follow the toy’s age restriction and any other guidelines from the manufacturer. If the label says that it is not suitable for a child under three years, it means that the toy may pose a choking risk to the child.


If your child is seriously injured because of defective toys, you are entitled to compensation. There are personal injury lawyers who can handle such cases like the experienced lawyers at The Reeves Law Group, who have successfully represented many clients injured or killed because of defective or dangerous products. If looking for a firm with a proven success record and a company that understands the sentiments of the devastated parents, then we can assure you that we can hold a toy manufacturing company responsible for their carelessness, negligence and keeping profit in mind over safety measures.

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