Top 3 Reasons to Replace Your Windows

Most people think of replacing their windows for years but cannot make the final decision. Some say that this is too expensive, others just try to procrastinate. They all look at their old-fashioned crusty wooden windows, want to purchase new vinyl windows but are still hesitating. So what are the reasons that will persuade you in the necessity of windows replacement?

1. Energy efficiency

This is reason number one. Vinyl windows have the best efficiency rate among all types: old ones, new ones, any-other ones. Regular windows in the old Ottawa houses are builder-grade, single-pane, aluminum windows. In fact, any type of modern windows will be a great benefit from the point of view of efficiency. New vinyl windows are tightly sealed so they do not leak air. This helps you to keep your home warm in the winter. They also do not let in much solar heat in the summer time so cut your bills on electricity.

2. Aesthetics

As designers in Ottawa say: windows are the eyes of a house. But when time passes, they start looking shabby or out of fashion style. Usually old window materials are simply impossible to be re-painted or freshen up in any other way. Some home owners try to install special solar screens to get away from summer heat but with such devices their homes look like trying to black out the world.

For these purposes the best option is vinyl windows replacement to give your home a little facelift and make it look 20 years younger. Today you can get new windows with patterned or obscured glass for privacy in bathroom. Modern vinyl windows let in more light if you want to lighten your rooms.

3. Functionality and safety

If you are a woman with new vinyl windows then you know how much easier it is to clean them. Modern double hung windows are very popular in Ottawa, they are made to tilt inward, which makes the process of cleaning them much faster and easier. Moreover, they allow have divided lights (grilles or grids) between the glass panes for easy cleaning.

You can also update your new windows to something like awning vinyl windows. Casement windows are frequently used by homeowners who dislike seeing dirt and bugs in the space between the window and the screen every time when they open it, as screens are made on the inside and allow the window to crank outward.

There are many tiny tots on top floors in Canada. And keeping those small windows is extremely hard. In fact, it is very unsafe to ever open any of them. If you install modern double-hung windows in Ottawa home where you can easily operate the top and bottom sashes up and down, then you area will be able to let fresh air in from the very top without creating a fall hazard.

As you can see, three main reasons are described in the article below, so do not hesitate, take your money and buy yourself new windows!

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