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The Timeless Appeal of Bettie Page Retro Dresses

When you think about retro clothing and specifically the pin-up girl style, no other icon comes to mind more than Bettie Page. The legendary pin-up model from the 50’s is the epitome of the pin-up girl look, characterized by her mid-length Jet black curly locks, bangs, and her piercing blue eyes – which is often copied by many modern women of today.

It was Ms. Page’s effortless combination of naughty and nice that propelled her name into pop culture, leading the way to a cult following unlike any other. Also dubbed as “The Dark Angel,” and “The Queen of Curves,” Bettie Page spearheaded the pin-up look to unprecedented heights, and forced it into the limelight that generations and generations of women still emulate until today.

The pin-up style is a type of retro clothing that focuses on the clothes and dresses of the 1940’s and 50’s. Clothes in these eras accentuated the figure of the woman, often cinching the waist and supporting the curvy and hourglass figure that was the standard of beauty during those years.

Bettie Page dresses emulate the retro model’s images, which consist of hip-hugging pencil skirts, supertight and cute sweaters, and tiny bikinis in sweet prints and colors. Just like the legend herself, modern Bettie Page dresses perfectly combine the sweet and sultry look – made in conservative pieces like the typical shirtdress and pencil skirt but always making the wearer look sexy, seductive, but also sweet.

During Ms. Page’s heyday as the “Queen of Pinups,” the American model made her own clothes and bikinis for photo shoots, focusing on what looked good on her beautiful body rather than following what was trendy or what was considered “fashionable” during her time.

Catering to the woman of today who love the Bettie Page look and persona, online retail store offers clothes from retro dresses inspired by Bettie Page, to separates that you can mix and match with any of your contemporary pieces, to bags, pants, and shoes that give you the overall retro look but without looking outdated or costumey.

This popular retail store gives you everything to complete the pin-up look, but offering them in modern fabrics, cuts, and prints that are befitting of a modern-day Bettie Page who knows what she wants, powerful in her career, but also sweet, sultry, and just a tad bit flirtatious.

And just like Bettie herself, these clothes stand on their own against the tests of time – never following the trends and always being classic and timeless. These retro dresses fit you and not the other way around, which is a styling philosophy that’s in tune with the spirit of the Bettie Page look.

Yes, the pin-up look was ahead of its time – contradicting what was considered as elegant in the 50’s – but also giving way to the acceptance of women’s sexuality as a powerful tool of success.

From the most iconic and famous Bettie Page posters and photographs, to her bondage films, stage performances, and TV appearances, the pin up look has become a timeless way of dressing befitting of a modern day pin-up girl, which is the perfect combination of conservative and sexy, sweet and sultry, and naughty and nice.

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