The Parent’s Role in Supervising Play

Sometimes as parents we get willed into our children’s pleas and allow them to go on rides that we’re not comfortable with. We hope that because there are other kids about the same age on the same rides, our children will be safe. If you’re not comfortable with your child taking a particular ride, get on the ride with them. Outdoor play gives your children an opportunity to enjoy fresh air, exercise and interact with friends. However, there are hundreds of thousands of playground equipment related injuries reported in hospital ERs annually. As a parent, you have a duty to ensure that your child’s play environment is safe.

There are certain concerns every parent has when their children are playing in the park.

Losing Your Child In The Park

First, you need to be cautious of losing your child in a city park because they are open to the public and you cannot be sure of everybody’s intentions. If you’re the one accompanying your child in the park, keep a close eye on them. Make sure they don’t stray or go beyond where you can see. You might have to literally move about so that you make sure they are constantly in your line of sight.  Experts say it takes an average of 60 to 90 seconds for a kidnapping to take place

Equipment Safety

The other role you play when supervising your children in the city park is by ensuring that the playing equipment is up to standard and safe to use. Before allowing your child to use any equipment, first check if it has any breakages, tears or other challenges that could cause it to malfunction while your child is using it thus potentially causing injury.  Because city parks are run by public institutions, as a parent you should take part in agitating for playing equipment to be fixed or removed from the park if they are no longer safe for the children.

Choose The Right Rides For Your Kids

Teach them how to keep their eyes to the front so that they don’t jerk as the ride is moving and cause injury to their necks. Ensure that they are safely belted up to avoid any possibility of a fall. Most importantly, if you notice that your child seems afraid for whatever reason while on the ride, alert the ride operator immediately so that they can stop the ride and safely get off your child.

Emergency Exit Plan

You should plan ahead in case of any emergencies that could lead to chaos in the park. An accident, sudden weather change or violent outburst could cause crowds to scamper in a panic causing more injury to you and your children. Discuss with your children what they should do in case of an emergency. Think ahead of the exit plan away from areas that crowds are cramped up in. Make sure that you’re familiar with the City Parks fire exits and strategize the shortest way to exit the park from these exits.

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