Handmade Jewelry

The Eternal Appeal of Handmade Jewelry

A beautiful piece of jewelry adds the final touch to a well-thought-of ensemble. Whether it be a sterling silver necklace with an iridescent stone pendant, or a Gothic Victorian ring that brings out the eclectic side of your personality, beautiful jewelry caps off any outfit.

Of all the hundreds and hundreds of choices available in the market for jewelry, the #1 priority that you should look into is uniqueness. You may find a pair of earrings that are super sophisticated, but if everyone else is wearing them, their value actually diminishes.

Handmade jewelry is slowly taking reigns in the world of jewelry, simply because they are special. There is always a certain amount of intricacy and personalized touch to every piece that an artisan makes, which is something that mass produced jewelry simply can’t attain.

Handmade jewelry is different from DIY jewelry, in the sense that the former are made by actual artisans who’ve honed their craft almost to the point of perfection. Most people think that handmade pieces are simply lower in quality and design but when you get your wares from actual craftsmen who have the expertise, then the piece of jewelry becomes priceless.

So why should you choose handmade over mass produced jewelry? Here are 2 of the top reasons why:

1. Undeniably Unique

An artisan may launch a mini collection or a full collection of pieces. But one thing’s for sure, each and every piece of jewelry is unique. Sure, an artist may replicate a piece of the collection but it’s always only to a certain extent. Each piece that an artisan creates brings with it the spirit and soul of the artist – like a painting or piece of art that you and only you gets to own.

Handmade jewelry offers an extremely personalized experience, where you know quality, workmanship, and inspiration were all given to that one special piece. And just think, if the artist actually makes a name for himself/herself in the future, that piece of jewelry will even become more valuable.

2. Tremendous Boost to Small Businesses

Small businesses are actually the backbone of any economy. When you purchase from an artisan, you are giving that individual most of their products’ profits, and not to big department store chains.

Showing your support to local craftsmen and artists gives them the opportunity to make a good living from their passions, encouraging more and more people to follow their dreams and explore their creativity without becoming a part of the status quo of starving artists.

There’s always something remarkable when you don an exceptionally handcrafted necklace, bracelet, or ring. More than just conversational pieces, they’re actually an investment that has the potential of becoming priceless in the near future.

Online retail stores such as www.MettaMoon.com provide local artisans in Los Angeles an avenue to showcase their work and earn from their passions. Offering online consumers a wide range of necklaces, bracelets, and rings that range from simple macrame bracelets to jewelry with precious gemstones and crystals, MettaMoon provides the platform for artists and customers to discover the world of wealth of handcrafted jewelry.

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