Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Strengthen Your Relationships with Therapy: CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

Relationships are extremely complex, so much that staying together requires a lot of effort. The thing is: It’s hard for people to have happy relationships when they themselves are emotionally in pain. For example, severe social anxiety can prevent an individual to spend time with friends. Depression can change how one treats those closest to him, and extreme expressions of anger can push away and alienate loved ones.

If your companionship is fraught with misunderstanding, issues, and heartaches, maybe it’s time to ask help.

Therapy and Counseling for Couples: CBT

Couples who wish to improve their relationship often seek help from marriage counselors to deal with their issues. These trained therapists help the couple by teaching them how to properly communicate their thoughts, emotions, and needs in a way that both parties can understand.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an established approach in resolving and identifying conflict, emotional distress, and communication problems in couples. One of a number of talking therapies, It is a form of behavioral treatment that focuses on helping people see negative patterns, thoughts, or beliefs in their relationships.

The therapy focuses on the behaviors of each individual along with their emotional responses. Exercises often involve lectures on how to react and think when dealing with a situation. CBT helps people get out of their negative thought cycles and master a more healthy way of thinking and analyzing a situation.

CBT sessions are often carried out by a degree-holding therapist and can be between five to seven weekly sessions lasting around 30 -60 minutes. These sessions involve both behavioral and cognitive components, it emphasizes on challenging misconceptions, eradicating bias and negative thoughts. The goal of each session is to help the couple create a fulfilling relationship.

Here are ways CBT can help you:

  • Identify Specific Problems – Through CBT couples can have a clear understanding of their own problems. The therapist will help the couple solve the problem through shared goals.
  • Focus on the Now – CBT doesn’t attempt to resolve the past, it focuses on the present and analyzes how you think and act. The therapist will work with the couple to find solutions to their present difficulties.
  • Cure your anxiety – Being anxious all the time can affect our relationship negatively. Chronic worriers or clingy partners may be suffering from a kind of anxiety disorder which makes her/him tense and irritable most of the time. Through CBT, you’ll be able to change your perspective and outlook in life, reducing your anxious moments.
  • Psychological Flexibility – Couples who undergo CBT found improvement in their emotional awareness listening and communication skills and anger management. It corrects cognitive errors like self reference, overgeneralizing, and dichotomous thinking.
  • Designing Marital Life – Therapist help couple create goals in all areas of their marital life. From financing, household chores, child responsibility, or intimacy. These are areas where couples need a clear negotiation so that both expectations can be met.

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