Some recommendations for coat in winter

During the winter, the street is full of white and grey, wanted to wear in dull color is in fact very easy, only a light coat or suit will make you become the focus population, unassuming and not wild. Now, we introduce something different clothing way.

Red is the color of Christmas, even more indispensable in winter colors. Lack of winter leaves, a splash of warm and bright red to visually bring you warm up. Red coat is arguably the most versatile winter items at any time. Gently put on the shoulder, and matching skirt showing legs and high heels, grace full score is enchanting, if it can be paired with a small hat, appeal can be greatly improved. All red with it is light, is the better choice. If you choose to interpret the look of a red, then the texture of clothing becomes important! Dotted with belts, bags and other accessories, can make collocation more women’s trainers.

Special texture it goes red. The twilight actress Ashley Greene this flame half of fur, with minimalist, black up and jeans, cool. With beautiful smile, and have a somewhat sweet taste. To note is that brightly colored fur, Red must choose simple put, or accidentally stunning thriller. On the choice of dress, or massaged the material. Satin, reflective material is gorgeous, vintage completely, this umbrella dress is also shaping the feminine version of the weapon. Big hot velvet this year also can have such an effect.

In addition to long coats, yellow jacket also looks good, and there is a strange sense of agile. British style double-breasted suit coats up shirts and twill trousers, school is very strong. But bloggers use a Kenzo baseball hat and exaggerated eyes and ears and the taste of Daddy’s girl, street. Paired with a pair of wide-leg trousers, in the pant leg to cover a pair of stiletto, coupled with retro high waist design, models with long legs is not a dream. If you can pair with a color-coordinated shirts and so much the better. It’s like green and retro look of a good partnership.

They match you can have a lot of choices, you can choose with the arrogant boots, you can also choose nike dunk sky high, you can have a lot of choices, you can choose with the arrogant boots, you can also choose disco shoes, same dress, different shoes can be worn in different flavors. Bright coats, our advice is that you should choose more suitable for street style sneakers

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