Loans for Women

Small Business Loans for Women

Women entrepreneurs add significantly to the U .S. Economy, and women entrepreneurs signify an important portion of these owners. Latest review data show the percent of women entrepreneurs remains fairly steady at 46 .0 percent in 2014, as compared to 44 .9 percent in 2013.

Here at Elite Merchant Capital we assisted hundreds women entrepreneurs searching for Small Business Loans. Here are some elements making it difficult for women to be successful especially during economic downturn:

Women-owned companies are usually not as big as men-owned businesses. Even though women own 30% of privately-held companies, these businesses account for only 11% of sales and 13% of employment among privately-held companies. Typical sales/receipts for women-owned businesses are only 25% of average sales/receipts for men-owned businesses. Women-owned companies are focused in industry sectors where firms are typically smaller.

There are actually substantial differences in the financing utilized by women-owned versus men-owned businesses.

Women begin with less capital than men and are less likely to undertake additional debt to expand their businesses. They are more likely than men to show that they have no need for any funding to start their business. It is difficult to distinguish preferences from constraints in these data. For example, women may encounter less beneficial loan conditions compared to men or they might be less prepared to take on risk by seeking outside capital.

To better recognize the limited use and amount of funding by women owned companies, it is important to understand the numerous factors that can influence their capability or choice to acquire credit or bad credit business loans. These types of factors incorporate type of industry or business, previous business experience or personal credit score.

Elite Merchant Capital team effectively created great relationship with women entrepreneurs and created a program that allows us to provide efficient financing options for business-women community. Sleek application process and personal approach made it easier for us to accomplish great results among woman small business owners searching for financing alternatives for their businesses.

The development of women owned businesses, and their performance as job creators at a time when other privately-held businesses were losing jobs, testifies to the importance of women-owned businesses to the economy.

Small Business Loans for Women is a good way to assist female business owners looking for business funding

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