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Skin Care Myths and Truths

Your skin is one of the first things that people notice about you since it covers the whole outside of your body. It is also a strong symbol of an individual’s ethnicity and it acts as your body’s protective layer so you need to take good care of it! While most people know that it is important to do so, it may be confusing for people who are not closely following the skin care industry to figure out what products to use or what actions to take to maintain their skin’s health. Unfortunately, a lot of skin care myths are out in the wild only confuse people even more and today, we will tackle a few of them and tell you if they are myths or truths.

Myth : Men Should Only Use Men Products to Take Care of Their Skin

This statement is not true at all. While it is true that men and women have different and specific skin related needs, the bottom line is that skin remains skin. The right way to shop for skin care products is to be attentive to your body’s needs rather that buy products only their packaging says that they are for men.

Myth : You should the thickest cream possible, because it will be the most moisturizing

We have another myth here because in reality, the opposite happens. Indeed, thick creams confine dead cells and using them will give your skin a matte appearance, which is not desirable. This discovery has led many cosmetics brands to create more gels and cream-gels and to slow down cream production.

Myth : Each Body Part Must be Taken Care of With a Specific Cream

This is actually true. Indeed, because your face is more exposed to sunlight (which puts a lot of stress on your skin and makes it dry up more), you should make sure to use a cream designed for facial skin care. Your body’s extremities also need special care to prevent chappSkin Caring and dry skin so you need a cream for that too. In short, read the labels or ask for help when shopping for these products to purchase the right ones for each of your body parts’ needs.

Myth : When the Sky is Cloudy, You Do Not Need to Put Sunscreen on Your Skin

Do not do that! While clouds seem to thickly cover the sky, they do almost nothing to stop harmful sun rays to reach your skin. You should absolutely put sunscreen on both sunny and cloudy days if you intend to stay outside for long periods of time.

This concludes our article on skin care myths and truths. We thought that it was important to establish facts regarding skin care because it is a very important aspect of personal hygiene. We hope that reading it will help you to make better choices regarding your skin care going forward. If you do, we strongly believe that you will like how your skin looks and feels afterwards.

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