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Six Healthy and Delicious Recipes

Why not cook recipes that are healthy, delicious, have low-fat ratio and all the required protein for the body. In my list of meals that you can cook in lunch, dinner or parties, six have my best tag.

Review on Six Recipes!

Baked Halibut Steaks:

This meal is healthy and delicious. It is good for those who prefer meat or fish in their routine. It is cooked in two parts. In first part, you have to prepare sauce, and in second part preparing Halibut for baking. Sauce is then poured over halibut for baking. It takes 30 to 50 minutes to cook this meal. Halibut is extremely delicious if it is properly cooked. I am sure you will like this delicious meal.

Roasted Aubergine:

This meal is in my list because it can be cooked using sweet potatoes or Miso Paste. You can also add your flavors to make it even better. It is made in similar way as Halibut. Although the difference is that it has different ingredients. In the end you can serve this meal with juices, i.e. orange, lemon, or any other juice.

Vegetable fried rice with Eggs:

This meal has lots of verities. The best for any vegetarian person. Cooking this meal is easy, you make it by cooking rice and then at the end you mix the rice with another mixture of garlic and onions. There are so many ingredients mix up in it that you will surely love the taste in end.

Vegetable Barbecue/Vegetable Kebabs:

Veggie barbecues are delicious. This meal is perfect for those people who prefer vegetables over meat. It only takes 60 minutes to cook veggies using wooden skewers. Initial process of this meal requires dipping vegetables in barbecue paste, and then barbecue them using a grill, or can also be baked using an oven. This meal can be served using chapattis, or by making rolls of chapattis using cooked barbecues. You can also have Indian mango sauce as side dish. Mango sauce doubles the flavor.

Baked Chicken/ Japanese Teriyaki:

Teriyaki is divided in two parts. First Part is making sauce, similar as halibut steaks, and second part is baking the chicken by adding sauce on the top. This Japanese Teriyaki is cooked by brushing the chicken continuously with the sauce every 10 minutes. Teriyaki is difficult to cook but I am sure you will like its flavor in the end.

Spicy sweet potatoes:

As we already know kids like potatoes, so you can cook potatoes with little extra spice this evening. This meal is cooked by massaging ingredients on sweet potatoes, and then potatoes are baked using a baking sheet. It takes approximately 45 minutes to cook this meal. In my experience it is one of the quickest meal you can cook for your kids.

These Recipes are delicious and I am sure you will love to try them. So why wait to make something that is healthy for you. Cook these and let us know how they turned out for you.

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