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Salon Lofts Makes Booking Online Easy!

Are you tired of the routine of calling your stylist and being met with an answering machine or a busy signal? With Salon Lofts unique business model, you can research your stylist and book all of your appointments easily online.

Getting your hair, nails, and makeup done or having a skincare treatment or massage can really brighten up a bad day and make good days even better. Everyone deserves to have an exceptional experience with their beauty services that allows them to take a break for an hour (or a few) and just enjoy being pampered. With Salon Lofts, you can find everything you need through the site online. From booking an appointment to leaving a review, it’s all contained in your stylist’s individual site.

Booking Your Appointment Online

When you head over to the main site, you’ll find a tab for all of their locations. Choose a location closest to you to start browsing through a lists of beauty professionals. You’ll find names, specialties, and photos all easily accessible for their different locations. If you’re looking for a particular service, simply narrow down your search by type.

You’ll notice right away that you can simply click an orange button in a professional’s listing to start making your appointment. You’ll have to sign up for their services first, but that’s just so they can keep accurate records of your appointments and information. After you’ve selected the button, you’ll need to click on the service that you need performed. Then, we start looking at scheduling. If the stylist is all booked up, you can browse through future dates until you find something that works with your schedule, right down to the time slot.

Once a stylist has all your information, they will send you a confirmation email and remind you of your appointment. You can log in any time to update or cancel your appointment. It’s an incredibly easy process that lets you choose all the details of your appointment without having to make any on-the-spot decisions.

You can also find availabilities in your area based on the service you would like performed. Click the book online feature on the main site to determine who is available when you need it. Never wait to have your hair or nails done again with this easy to use feature.

Salon Lofts Business Model

With Salon Lofts, you’ll receive the independent services of a certified professional. They provide the space and tools for beauty industry professionals to excel. From viewing a professional’s portfolio online to checking out real world reviews before you choose a stylist, everything is made simpler when you choose to work with Salon Loft professionals.

Salon Loft’s easy to use online interface is exactly what the beauty industry has been missing for years. Now stylists and other professionals can showcase their skills easily for you to see. Check Salon Loft’s out today to learn more about their innovative online booking experience. You’ll never want to go back to traditional scheduling once you try this innovative process. Find a salon near you today!

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