Microsoft Certified Courses for Women

There is no denying that the business world is becoming competitive and not just for organizations to survive but for potential employees as well. There are too many people graduating from colleges but the amount of jobs is not sufficient. This produces a significant competition among the job seekers. Modern companies are setting the level of merit even higher than before which makes the competition even tougher.

On the other hand, we have the issue of women trying to find their place in this tough job market. It would be a lie to say that there has not been an improvement in the job market as far as the male dominated problem was concerned.  Women discrimination has significantly decreased and we can find them on respectable job positions nowadays. However, the concept of the glass ceiling is still present.

One way to break the ceiling is to keep your job skills updated and up to the mark with the requirements from a modern company. Computer skills are highly valued and are only to be more highlighted in the future. Microsoft office skills are part of almost every job requirement these days. Moreover, focus on particular software is required according to your career, for example, content writers are supposed to be skilled in specifically using the Microsoft Word and a financial career requires a sound experience of using an Excel sheet.

Microsoft Certified Courses in London

The QA Academy is a Microsoft learning partner which offers many IT courses including Microsoft Excel courses London and Microsoft PowerPoint courses London.  They have a flagship London centre where exceptional training courses are provided to give your career a boost.

Microsoft Word Training Courses

Word is the core of Microsoft Office. No matter what the nature of your job might be, this is one skill you can’t ignore.  QA offers different levels of word 2010 courses and one of them is the Microsoft Word 2010 Expert course. This course is to advance you from just being knowledgeable about Word to be exam ready for it. You will learn to configure Word options, apply template and protection to the document and constructing reusable content in a document. The course is two days long.

Microsoft PowerPoint Training Courses

Many job positions require developing presentations. Businesses have gone virtual and presenting data, statistics and content in presentation form is a part of a good professional attitude. Microsoft PowerPoint is an amazing tool but unfortunately, it is not used to its full potential. PowerPoint 2010 Specialist course at QA is 2-day course through which you will learn to professionally optimize PowerPoint.

Microsoft Excel Training Courses

If your career is of financial or accounting nature, then calculations and reporting are a big part of your daily tasks. Microsoft Excel is usually used to arrange data in an organist way but it can be optimized to do lengthy calculations in very less time. The Microsoft Excel 2010 Expert course is a 2-day course to learn the application of formulas and functions, sharing workbooks and much more for complete optimization.

For further information and more courses, visit http://www.microsoft-office-courses.co.uk.

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