Knee pain can be caused by any reasons like injury or arthritis, so one must visit a knee doctor in such situations. The treatment procedure varies from person to person depending on the cause of pain. The basic symptoms of keen pain injury are pain and swelling.


Sometimes exercises reduce pain

If, the knee pain is really low and if the leg is strained more than usual ones, then it can be managed at home easily. But if, the knee pain occurs after the injury, then it must be observed for two days and then self-care helps. If the keen pain is because of arthritis then the best solution is weight loss so do regular exercise. This will strengthen all the muscles around the knee joint. If a person is looking for self-care, then it is better to take rest. To relieve pain, they can place ice on their knee for few minutes every day. With compression also their pain can be relieved. They can wrap elastic bag around their knees. Even after trying self-care if the pain is not reduced it is best to visit a doctor. If, the knee pain is accompanied by deformation or if, the person not able to stand and has intense pain and swelling, then it’s time to rush to the doctor.


Surgeon will decide depending on the pain

The doctor will decide if you need to go for replacement of knee or not. It is suggested only when other non surgical procedures fail to reduce the pain. First the surgeon suggests medicines and physical therapy. Even then if the pain is not reduced, the surgeon will check if it’s time for the surgery or not. He will check if there is no infection and if the bone can support artificial knee. To check the knee, x rays are taken and they conduct some physical test. The pain of the person should be described to the doctor and the past medical history of the knee is asked. The knee joints will be checked for strength. X-Rays show the knee joint and the size of the bone. When the person cannot resist the pain any more, then it’s time for replacement. The person will feel pain during the rainy seasons and as he suffers from pain, he will not be able to sleep properly. Knee surgeon McLean can perform the knee replacement perfectly and the person will recover easily and quickly.


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