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Is your Insurance Company in Denial? How to get the Coverage you paid for on a Damaged Roof?

Yikes! A storm has swept through, leaving damage done to your roof! Unfortunately, these things do happen. Now what? No matter what the damage is from—wind, hail, tornado or hurricane—it either needs to be repaired or replaced. So, you contact your insurance company to fill out an insurance claim you feel is reasonable and totally acceptable. The problem occurs when they deny your claim. “What?!?” you mutter, “It’s clearly damaged.” They say something about the age of the roof or something about the stipulations of your policy not including the damage you’ve described, and continue to deny your claim. What do you do then?

The important thing is to “Stay calm and consider hiring a Public Adjuster or a Commercial Property Damage Attorney,” Yes, there’s such a thing to meet the growing need of home owners and businesses that have experienced the same denial of legitimate damage claims. Home owners in the cities such as the greater Kansas City area are probably familiar with the occasional damaged roof due to inclement weather or the rare tornado sweeping through town. Before anything happens to your roof or building, consider what you might do if a future property damage claim is denied. Finding a good reputable insurance provider can meet with you to discuss ways you can truly insure yourself, not only from extreme weather damage, but also from the bad companies who are reluctant to pay for legitimate and coverable damage done to your residential or commercial roof.

Attorneys in this field are equipped to deal with whatever strategies insurance companies may use to keep from paying you on the full amount of your coverage. They’re familiar with a wide variety of building structures and roofs, so the unique characteristics of your roof and damage will be handled by someone who’s had the experience and knowledge to fight for damages and get them paid for. Many attorneys look for outside sources when accurately assessing the damage done to both residential and commercial roofs. They don’t simply rely on the “final word” of the insurance claim representative, when it comes to accurate damage reports.

These investigations are often done by independent experts in the field, who are trained to assess actual damage and how it relates to insurance policy coverage. Besides their own investigation, they may employ people such as contractors to take a detailed look at your property damage. A comprehensive report will follow as it relates to your legitimate insurance coverage. These attorneys and adjusters are trained to get the insurance compensation you need in order to bring your building back up to speed. Unfortunately, insurance claims on roofs are often declined for this that or the other. Even when there is a legitimate reason. For more help in deciphering through the not so clear waters of residential and commercial insurance claims check out Hope this helps guys!

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