Introduce Bath Toys and Add Fun to Your Toddler’s Bath Time

Kids love to have fun. Toys are a best source to instigate this fun into your kid’s life. Now we have toys with which children can play even during their bath time. Especially designed bath toys are common these days. Apart from amusement, these toys help your toddler learn too. It is very important for your kid to learn even during his playing time. Learning started at such age would help him develop a strong brain.

Here we are discussing some amazing bath time toys which toddlers would love to play with while soaking up.

ALEX Tub Tune Water Flutes

Water filled flutes with each producing a different tune. It is an exciting toy for your little one to play with in his bath time. Easy to handle and operate. Flutes are arranged in a holder which makes it easy to hold and play all of them simultaneously producing exciting notes. The level of notes that a flute produces can also be varied by changing the amount of water present it. It is one of those toys which your kid would love to play with.

TOLO Toys Fun Time Fishing

Give your child a virtual fishing experience in his bath time with this toy. Three colorful fish made of plastic with a magnet at the tip of their mouth and a long fishing stick which carries a magnetic worm completes the package. Magnet worm attracts the fish and your toddler experiences a great fishing time. It also promotes hand to eye coordination of your kid. A must buy toy for making bath time of your children both fun and learning.

CUP-O-FUN Water Toy

Pieces of this baby puzzle attach together like that of a jigsaw. Different levels of difficulty which promote mental growth of your kid even during his bath time. The main parts are set on the floating plate and five more pieces which fix on the top of puzzle plates. Further, there are colorful cartoons that are to be assembled first and fixed on the top of the whole setting to complete the toy. Bathing is made fun with this unique toy. Makes your child think and help him grow his brain stronger even in his bathtub.

BOON Creatures Bath Toy Set

This toy set consists of four plastic made sea creatures. The bottoms of these toys are interchangeable, making them a lot more fun than it would look otherwise. The creatures can split into halves. Each has a different color, making them more attractive. Apart from joining the pieces together, you child can have fun with the trickling of water as each piece has holes of different size making water flow at different speeds through them. It’s an interesting toy for your kids to enjoy. It also promotes their hand to eye coordination, so a good learning experience as well. It is a great addition to your kid’s bath time toys stockpile.

Frozen 12 Piece Bath Puzzle

To all the frozen fans, this one’s for you. Buy your child a 12 piece frozen puzzle. It is a unique jigsaw that joins together when it is wet. Your toddler will make her favorite frozen characters come to life just by assembling different sections. Have fun playing with your child at her bath.

WOW Toys Diving Adventure

The toy features a young diver Mandy and her partner Chris. A dolphin and a fish-shaped boat also come with them along with a diving board. The boat has a secret cabin just like real ones. Diving board allows both Chris and Mandy to take dives form the floating platform into your child’s bath tub. This might encourage your kid to go on and become a professional diver one day. It’s a good choice to add to your kid’s bath time toy collection.

Tomy Octopals

The assembly has a floating pad having a mother octopus at the center and her 8 small octopals around her. Small openings at the top of these octopuses allow them to squirt after intervals. The sticky base material makes the whole toy fix itself to the wall of the bathtub. It is a real fun toy to have for your kid’s bath time.

Baby Duck Squirtees

Add color, fun and excitement to your child’s bath time with baby duck squirtees. Openings are their tops make them squirt which introduces entertainment and delight to your baby’s life. These are easy to handle and easy to clean. They are made of thick rubber and cause no harm even if your little takes those into his mouth by chance.

Octopus Floating Bath Toys

This toy comes with a smiling octopus with its hands spread out wide. Three or four rings that are made of rubber, just like the octopus, also come with the pack. Your kid will have to put these rings on each of the octopus’ arm. This promotes hand to eye coordination and helps your child learn to count as well. The rings come in different colors that catchy and lovely to play with. Your kid is going to love this one if you are introducing it into his bath time toy collection.

Munchkin Letters and Numbers Bath Toys

Here we have 26 English alphabets (A-Z) and 10 counting letters (0-9). These are made of rubber which makes them float on the surface. When fully wet, these shapes join together or even to the walls of the tub. This is one the best bath time toys which ensure maximum learning of your toddler. Shapes of English alphabets and mathematical letters will help him understand basics at such a young age.

Your toddler’s bath time should be a fun as well as a learning experience for both you and him. He should be learning counting, hand to eye coordination and couple of other stuff while you should be learning the joy and happiness that your kid’s smile would bring to your life. Grab him one of these toys and make his bath time fun and learning simultaneously.

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