Identity Thieves Target Women Like You and Me

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In today’s world, we can all be victims of ID theft. But a recent study showed that women are more often targeted by the likes of Mr. X (a nickname I use for those people who steal other people’s identities). You may be asking why that is so? Simple, women love to shop more than men. Since the likes of websites like Amazon have come into existence, a lot of other scammers have hopped on the bandwagon to fool people into paying for something they will never get.

It is rather alarming that more and more women become a target because they can be easily fooled by discounts and great items that can be purchased online. In addition, today’s technology made it even easier for them to fool many people. Since these are mostly done online, victims don’t really report ID theft and they will find out that they were victims when it is too late for them to take action. I had a friend who was into discounted items that led her to a scam site that made her put in her credit card info on it. In just days, Mr. X had exceeded her credit limit and she only found out because the bank called her. I was pretty scared myself because I shop a lot online too.

In what I would call the most heinous of all acts, I recently became aware of yet another way women are targeted for ID theft. This scam involves the wife of a serviceman being contacted and claiming that her husband has was hurt in a combat accident and they cannot be tended to unless some of the “injured” soldiers personal information is provided; you can only imagine what happens next. It should be noted that The Red Cross and USAA have warned military families of the scam and made it clear that they do never contact service member’s family directly to request personal information.

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