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Bring your creative project to life with the world’s largest funding platform, Since it is meant for creative projects, it comprises of 15 various categories, such as art, fashion, music, comics, film and video, photography, food, games, etc. to name a few. Each and every project that you find here is an independent creation. Project creators can set a deadline and a funding goal for themselves. If you like a project, you can fund it and make it happen for the creators.

One of the recent addition to this site is a fantastic 200-page comic book called Electromagnate Book of Rebel Nations, where mythology meets modern characters.

When Titans meet Halfway

Canonical literatures with respect to mythologies are what we have grown up with. It has a special place in our mental framework, connecting all of us in a way that technology manages to do. But could it be that the myths we read are reflections of the same technology we use today? Are these legends a gateway to an understanding of how the technology turned out? Does history really have a knack of repeating itself?

Electromagnate Book of Rebel Nations written by John Rap and Andrew M. Henderson is a comic book where mythological characters come face-to-face with modern counterparts. But where, when and how did we even come to think about this technology? The answer can be decoded in the legends passed down to us from generations. This 200-page comic book talks about human devouring robots, self-replicating artificial intelligence and electromagnetic nervous system that has enveloped the earth.

Artificial intelligence is soon to master knowledge of computer information theory and human sensory perception and psychology. Bad news is, we’re looking at a 99% loss of human free will; that is if we’re being optimistic. World over, legends share a powerful commonality – the powerful forces contained in them will not stand by while humanity as we know it is doomed to perish. The rebellion begins.

If you want to know how the story goes on, then click here to check out the project and see the interesting 60 second video and then get a copy of Electromagnate Book of Rebel Nations.

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