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How to Purchase Tickets On A Budget

Purchasing tickets to a popular concert, sporting event, or even Broadway performance can be a nightmare especially when purchasing them last minute. However with a little planning and persistence you can get tickets for sometimes cheaper than they originally cost by staying on top of things. Here are a few methods for getting tickets to premium quality performances for cheap.

  1. If possible purchase your tickets from the primary market only. That means know when tickets for your show are going on sale and where to get them. You can usually purchase tickets on the main website of the performer or team.
  2. Follow TicketMaster and coupon sites to get deals on tickets. Many coupon sites carry promo codes for certain performances especially around the holidays so keep an eye on those sites occasionally.
  3. If it is not possible to purchase tickets from the primary market use ONLY the most trusted secondary market sites. A good one to use is All Good Seats.
  4. Use Craigslist. Sometimes people sell tickets on Craigslist for certain shows. Many people on craigslist will sell tickets for base price because they are only looking to get their money back.
  5.  Use your instinct. If an offer is too good to be true that means it usually is. Be careful of who you buy from.

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