How to find your IMG friendly residency programs list?

While applying for residency, mainly as an IMG (international medical graduate), it is essential to apply beyond the boundary of region or state in which you want to settle, to enhance your chances of getting matching and interviews. Different states have different IMG programs. There are certain img-friendly states where you have better chances of getting interviews. However, it is not easy to shortlist those states without any references.

Best way to research IMG Friendly residency programs

People who are looking for IMG friendly residency programs often get confused by bulk of information available on the internet about IMG friendly residency programs. It is not easy to interpret the right message from the information and listing out the multiple img friendly residency programs is even more difficult. Thus, follow the below mentioned tips to make your IMG Friendly residency programs research easier:

Start Researching Programs Early: Finding IMG friendly residency programs is not an overnight thing. You will have to do a lot of research where you will have to spend a good amount of time in understanding the perks of different IMG friendly residency programs. After that you will have to apply for them and have to wait for responses. It is advisable to start researching programs as early as possible.

Search state-wise: In order to cover the maximum states, search state-wise. Go through the IMG friendly residency programs offered by different states one by one. In order to keep track of your research, go alphabetically state-wise. Then bookmark the good IMG friendly programs for future references.

Use MULTIPLE sources: When you are looking for the right img friendly residency program, it is important that you should not miss any good program to apply for. Thus, instead of relying on one online source, use multiple sources for your research. You may find different information on different sources.

Compare programs: It is important to understand the offerings of every img friendly program, so that you can understand the perks of every program. You should prepare a systematic list describing highlights of the different IMG friendly programs. This can be a handy reference.

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