Hire a boat & Tour the white island ibiza!

Welcome to Ibiza, the white island which is found off the coast of Spain, about 80 kilometers off the Spanish town of Valencia. Ibiza is known as a party island that comes to life any time of the day or night.

Many know Ibiza as a party island because of the numerous clubs and parties that are held there. This is actually true, but it is also the place that many careers and music selections have been made famous. A number of bands have performed to swollen crowds in Ibiza and received worldwide recognition. In addition, well known DJs will host dance or electronic parties here much to the excitement of their fans. In order to fully enjoy this white island, you must hire a boat from Ibimarine Yacht Charter and Services. You will be able to hire a boat, yacht, rib, sailboat or bareboat at an affordable rate and take in the beautiful scenery that is Ibiza.

Over the years, Ibiza is becoming more family oriented and now has a number of hotels, restaurants and activities that are family friendly. Taking your family on a boat ride around Ibiza will let them see parts of the island that have been protected and considered to be World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. They can visit beaches such as Cala Bassa, Las Salinas, Talamanca and many others and enjoy as great beach day.

The beauty of Ibiza makes it a great wedding and honeymoon destination. You can even propose against the backdrop of the beautiful sunset witnessed on the white island. There are a number of beaches and hotels where weddings and honeymoons can be hosted, thereby giving the newlyweds a memorable start to their new life together. A ride on a boat or yacht along the coastline is bound to keep the romance going.

Ibiza offers even the best adrenaline seekers the time of their lives. From parasailing, to diving, to horse riding in the valley and even a paintball lounge party, there is always something for everyone to enjoy. Visit the first inflatable water park, jeep safari trail and also the scuba diving center for more fun and excitement while staying in Ibiza. After a long day of activities, wind down and relax on any of the chic and exclusive hotels, bars and restaurants found all over the island.

When looking to fully enjoy this island paradise, Ibimarine Yacht Charter and Services will offer you the best services on their large fleet of boats, yachts and sailboats among other water vessels. Planning for a fun day out in the water has never been easier or more fun than with Ibimarine. You will get to enjoy professional staff who will serve you fresh towels, food and drinks with a smile. You will get to enjoy some snorkeling, diving, swimming and other fun water activities and Ibimarine will get you to where you need to go all around the island. Make your trip to Ibiza, the white island, a memorable one and do not be afraid to get wet, wild and pampered on a luxury boat cruise.

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