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Highlighting, Contouring, And Blending Makeup Tips

Are you looking for highlighting, contouring, and blending makeup tips?

You have seen celebrities with well-contoured faces and wondered whether you also could achieve the same. The answer is that it is possible, and I learned how to do many of these amazing techniques, and now I can share them with you. So how exactly do you highlight and contour your face? As such, this article offers tips on how to do makeup application, highlighting, contouring and blending. Read on to know how to highlight, contour and blending makeup to achieve a more elegant look.

The first among the steps to attaining a well-defined face is applying a base. You need a foundation under your contouring and highlighting. The kind of base you need depends on the kind of contouring or highlighting you are doing. If you are doing a base highlighting, your base is most likely to be a powder.

If you opt to go for liquid contouring, you should go for a darker color in order to achieve the best effect. After you have applied the base and concealed your facial imperfections, you should go ahead and use a darker foundation. You can also use a dark cream brush for this purpose.

Again, you should accentuate your cheekbones as you do the highlighting and contouring. Find the hollow parts on your cheekbones. Make a straight line from your ears to the middle of your cheeks. Do this on the both sides of your face. Using a clean foundation brush, blend back and forth, and then do it upwards.

As you do the accentuation, remember to make your forehead look smaller. Find the arc or your brows. Make a perpendicular line to your hairline. Draw these straight lines on the both sides of your face. After this draw a horizontal line running from the left to the right line that you drew before. Ensure that you have left some space between the hairline and the horizontal line and then blend everything else.

As you have seen in many photos out there, people with a smaller nose look cuter. As such, you are advised to make your nose look smaller as you do your highlighting, contouring, and blending. To make your nose look smaller, draw straight lines on the either side of your nose. Connect the two lines on the tip of your nose and achieve some U-shape. After this, find the crease of your eyes. Make a curved line, like you are doing a cream eye-shadow appearance. Join these crease lines to the lines on the either side on your nose. Then, blend outwards.

If you want more highlighting and contouring tips, you are advised to see professional videos like I did at, they actually show experts doing the same techniques. There, you will find beauty doyens doing the same process, and at the same time explaining what they are doing – stage after stage. Be a keen follow to get everything right.

Follow the above tips in order to achieve the high-definition face that you no doubt want. Whenever you are unsure of anything, you should stop and consult. Remember that the consequences of a procedure gone awry will be uglier than your previous mien. Good luck as you strive to highlight your face to a more gorgeous look!

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