Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

Is your fixed mindset limiting your growth and future opportunities in you life? Start doing! Stop excusing! Where do opportunities come from? They come from being open to new experiences and new ways of doing things in your daily life. They also come from challenging yourself to be available. If you limit yourself by only thinking one way, you will not be able to grow and have a better future. This is called “fixed mindset“. Do you have it? One way to know is to ask yourself questions, such as: do I try to talk to new people?; do I only do things that I have done before?; am I afraid to say, “I do not know”?. By understanding your fears and insecurities, you will be able to begin to overcome your self-made barriers, you will grow. And you will grow more than you think intellectually, emotionally, socially and/or physically, just by trying! Start today! How?

Make a list of long term opportunities that you would like to experience. Now chose one that you think you can confidently start with. Break this down into steps. Then ask yourself some more questions: “What will this step require? How can I achieve this? How long will this step take? Do I need help with this task? How should I ask for the help?” After you evaluate what needs to be done to do the step, begin! Don’t stress about the other steps until this one is done, otherwise you might get overwhelmed. But above all keep track of your thoughts. If you keep thinking that you can’t do it, or it isn’t possible, that is, if your fixed-minded  thought patterns keep stopping you from “doing”, then you need to first start with your thoughts. Try to discover the real reasons that you are keeping yourself from growing. Are you afraid of what people think? Are you afraid you are going to fail? Are you afraid you don’t have time? As long as you are afraid, you will not grow. Fear keeps you from doing. Be courageous, it will hurt you more not to try than if you try and make a mistake. Mistakes can be fixed. You are bigger than any mistakes! So, what will you do today? Good luck!

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