Faith Hope and Clarity

Faith Hope and Clarity, by Carol Margaret Tetlow: Each page of the book deserves to be read

If you need an example of how not to live your life and how bad self-esteem can bring adverse consequences to one’s personal evolution. Carol Margaret Tetlow, with experience in the medical world, wrote a book about a woman, who had a rather successful professional life, but with a personal life not too great. It is great to be good in your work and to be passionate about it, but not thinking your person worth too much can have unfortunate results. Shy, with a low self-esteem and a weight issue, the main character, Faith, is facing a divorce and a mother that is constantly on her back, with critics.

It is obvious that Faith has a problem with self-indulging, constantly craving sweets and eating until nausea gets installed. Her lack of control regarding her diet can seem in her silhouette, which is obviously not something of what Faith is too proud off. But, she manages to find a refuge in her medical profession and horse riding passion. Also, even if she suffered from a divorce, she did manage to meet Jonty, her new partner. Since her mother is always unhappy with everything she does, starting with how she looks, her divorce, the way she rides, she is obviously not approving of Jonty. Even when she announced her mother about the chance of getting a new and better job, she did not seem too enthusiastic about it, making again an observation about her silhouette.

Due to a medical leave of one of the colleagues, she received the chance to work at Teviotdale medical center. She was decided to perform at her best so that the management of the center to offer her a permanent job there. During her work there, she meets Pollyanna, another young woman with severe weight problems. So they both end up starting on the ambitious, but challenging road, of losing weight. But the two women and up finding out that losing the extra weight, they put on so quickly, is not an easy task at all.

The story is extremely captivating, seeing the struggle of this young woman with the opportunities her life is offering her and with changing something about her person. Of course, the professional background of the author, in the medical world, can be spotted easily, as there is a great number of details about the medical center and what she goes through at work every day. Each page of the book deserves to be read, to see if the young woman manages to deal with her food indulging problem and if her love life will finally be the way she wants. Is she going to be on her own or living furthermore with her mother? Well, you will have to read the last chapters, to see how she managed to deal with her own story.

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