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Every Women’ Must Know These SMS Etiquettes

Short Message Service well known as SMS is a medium to send short messages over mobile networks. Since it’s interception in 1992 it has over 80 mobile subscriber adaption rate. Since then the growth of smart phones has introduced other ways of communication besides emails to instant messaging and over-the-top content messaging app, SMS also known as ‘text’ is gained much needed following and remains one of primary channels of communications. It has global reach because it does not need pre-existing connection such as availability WIFI or data connection, friends need to accept friends request as in Instant Massaging, and other side does not need to install the same app. SMS is gaining popularity in terms of Applications-to-person SMS such as payment confirmation, appointment reminders, account updates from banks, flight updates, sports updates, weather updates, mobile ticketing, etc. Companies are growing in use SMS as medium for two factor authentication if activated include Apple, Facebook, Dropbox, Google, Twitter, PayPal, LinkedIn, etc. SMS has the lowest barriers to communication of any medium and ideal medium for sending short time sensitive content. SMS is the most effective way to reach with 90 percent read rate in minutes this is especially true with younger generation that will tend to reply right away to SMS as oppose to call and sometime or even never reply to email. You might not know this you might one of those people who will reply back right away to SMS with a call you are breaking number one rule of text message etiquettes. It is common knowledge every women professional should not break these invisible barriers of SMS but many of us unknowing break it. We are here to help.

Following is the list of Top 11 rules of SMS. Please feel free to share with your friends and family who might not know it.

  1. Golden Rule: Never call in response to a SMS. If someone wants to talk to you they will call you. It annoys the most and if you call in response to a text, you expect one of two things. It shows your lack of social skills or ignored phone call and awkward SMS conversation will follow it.
  2. Rule of Response: Always Respond. Unless you do not want to be friends with that person always responds to a text. We are all busy people. Always keep your messages marked when are busy to that need to respond.
  3. Rule of Too Quick: If it take a days for me to respond you then it is ok for you to take a day to respond to me. This is true in dating situations so you do not look too desperate.
  4. Rule of Two Days: If it takes for you to respond to me two days it is ok for me to take two days to respond to you. It is the other side of rule 3.
  5. Rule of 2 Text: If you SMS someone two times and they don’t respond, they do not want to talk to you. Stop the text immediately.
  6. Rule of Don’t Leave Me Hanging: Do not SMS someone if you are not willing to continue the conversation such as:

(You): Hi, How are you?

(Friend): I’m great. You?

(You) ………..

This kind of SMS is sent in the night or after someone is dumped. It is like I am ok but I am was just trying to boost my ego by knowing that you will respond.

  1. Rule of Dismissal: Do not ignore the call and then text them. Give sometime between the call to give them time to think you missed the call instead of letting them know you ignored their call. It is the right proper thing to do.
  2. Rule of Disproportionate Letters. Never respond to three page text message with “k”. At least tell her it is “ok”. If you get three page text from another guys (not a gal), it is perfectly acceptable to unfriend that guy from Facebook because you do not have time for all that.
  4. Rule of L O L: do not over use “LOL”. Mostly we mean do not use it. For example at traffic do not say “traffic is really bad LOL”. We do not laugh at traffic out loud at traffic. Some like to use LOL when haha will do. Unless you want to mind though at a idot do not use “u” or “ur”.
  5. Rule of HAHA.
  6. a) Ha: You are not funny. Example “Ha….you are funny.”. Means you are not funny.
  7. b) Ha’s: It is not hilarious but getting there. Example “Haha…that’s hilarious.”. Means not hilarious but getting there.
  8. c) 3 or more Ha’s: You are truly funny. Example “Hahahah….I’m drowning!”. That means if you were in person that is a full laugh.


That is it. If it is too many rules of proper text then stick with FaceTime or call. If you still want to text and keep in touch with friends and family living in different parts of the world instantly, not email (it is too slow), use a free SMS site please visit If you are the mobile type where you want to an iOS or Android SMS Apps visit here.

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