Every Woman Hosts 100 Trillion Microbes

New research findings prove benefits of probiotic treatment for diverse health concerns

No woman walks alone. It doesn’t matter whether you’re married, a bachelor or in a relationship. You are never alone. Why? A huge colony of bacteria lives inside your body and goes with you wherever you go. Actually, there are so many more of them than you. Each human being, women and men alike, consists of as many as 10 trillion body cells. Sounds like a lot, right? Wait just a second. Each of us also hosts as many as 100 trillion cells of microbes. Not only that we’re not alone, we’re in fact outnumbered by 10 to 1.

Many times the female instinct is attributed to ‘gut feelings’. This strange term, that hints that our stomach may think for us, is very common around the World in many cultures and languages. It was with us even before bacteria became known. But today we can see them under the microscope. And it turns out that we all carry around 3 pounds of live bacteria. This internal mass is as big as our actual upper brains. And it does think for us. Gut feelings are truer than you’d think.

New scientific research findings are published every month describing probiotic treatments to chronic diseases and numerous health issues. These prove that when we treat our internal bacteria we can improve our health.

A new online publication called Probiotics Life (, written by veteran health expert Avi Treves, PhD, brings these scientific findings into life in readable English. Where relevant, Dr. Treves recommends specific probiotic supplements that include the bacteria strains which were found to affect the reviewed health issue.

An interesting example is about a probiotic treatment that was found effective in reducing pain related to Rheumatoid Arthritis. According to Dr. Treves, probiotics supplements and treatments were also found effective with regards to depression, Multiple Sclerosis, diabetes, and even reducing cholesterol levels.

The short articles in Probiotics Life are interesting and easy to read. Scientific findings and news about probiotics, together with official research sources, are published from time to time. It seems like every woman interested in improved health can find something important to read together with probiotics related health tips.

As a good starting point, I recommend a post about weight loss and probiotics. It turns out that you can control your weight by improving your internal bacteria. It’s time to listen to your gut feelings!

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