Brazilian hair

Do you need some tips about buying Brazilian hair?

You should find the fact that many sellers are selling Brazilian hair in different ways, such as small online stores, local small retailers. But this may be only another craze, they only want some quick cash by selling this hot product. It has been 6 years since I bought my first Brazilian hair at a salon. Now I want to share all of my experiences of managing Brazilian hair. Some of them are good, and some of them are bad which you should avoid.

First, I have to tell you that Brazilian hair is the best one among them.

The cuticles of the Brazilian hair are all following the same direction which is the naturally growing direction. With the help of this feature, Brazilian hair can avoid tangling issues and last for a long period. In this industry, many producers treated the human hair material with chemicals, such as acid. This will kill the cuticle of hair. We can find these in straightening tools, some styling items and dyeing products which can help you have other colors. You must find that there are many hair weave in cheap price. But I have to tell you that many of them are mixed with synthetic or animal hair.

Brazilian hair weaves are the hair weaves that haven’t been treated with any chemicals: perms, dyes, etc.. Most of them will last between 6 and 12 months. That depends on how well you manage them. Because of its intact factor, Brazilian hair are always shiny and soft. Both shedding and matting can not be seen on them.

Where do I get my Brazilian hair in high quality and affordable price?

In order to find the best Brazilian hair, I have tried different stores to get one. I got my latest Brazilian hair at an online virgin hair shop. I am happy that I bought a good Brazilian hair. It is 20 inches long, which is the most popular length. It is in body wave style, which is similar to Hollywood style. It is in natural black which is close to 1B. The Brazilian hair was sewn into the braid of my hair by a professional. And I took it down after a month and wash it. That will give some time to my personal hair to have a good breath. I kept it in my house and would use it next time to have a good hairstyle. I didn’t use any heat because I know that the heat is another big enemy for hair. Heat will give big damages to the hair. It is still great, so I can use it in the way that I want it to be.

If you want to buy the same quality in the beauty supply store, you must pay more for it. I asked many local beauty stores about Brazilian hair. Some of them said they didn’t sell this hair weave type. Some said they are not soft enough and suggested me buy other hair weave types. There was a funny thing. When I asked a hair beauty store if there were some Brazilian hair weaves. The owner of the store told his Brazilian hair weaves are all dyed. Oh, no, but Brazilian hair weaves are all in natural black. So be careful when you are going to purchase one in stores like this one. Or you may get bad quality one.

I am going to try another one now.

And now I will try another hairstyle next time by buying another straight Brazilian hair at this virgin hair shop. I will order one bundle first and see what is the quality. If it is OK, I will order 3 or 4 bundle deal to cover all my head. As I know, there are Indian, Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian hair at this virgin hair shop. All are in virgin hair quality. Why do I recommend it? Because their fast shipping via DHL, great quality Brazilian hair, and quick response customer service meet my needs. A friend of a friend told me this online store. I have to be thankful for her kindness. And she is one of my best friends now.

There is a fact that the cheapest Brazilian hair weaves are always not the best choices. Before you are going to buy Brazilian hair, you should talk with someone who is using it. You can get knowledge of hair weaves. At the same time, you can see how neat the weft is after being sewn in. There are some sloppy wefts, which are a sign of bad quality Brazilian hair. That is all, I hope this can help you about buying and using Brazilian hair.

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