Easter Themed Candies

Best Easter Themed Candies

Easter’s just passed, which means every store has a surplus of Easter candy! Here are the best brands to satisfy your post Easter munchies.


Peeps are the absolute Easter candy there is. Do Peeps even exist outside of March and April? I hope so, because their marshmallow goodness may just be the best thing about Easter. They’re so good; I don’t even feel bad about chewing the heads off those adorable baby birds. Yummmm.

Cadbury Creme Eggs

Cadbury does a great job with chocolate no matter what time of year it is, but they really outdo themselves when it comes to their creme filled Easter eggs. Their gooey creme center is balanced perfectly with a solid chocolate outside. Just proves you’re never too old for Easter egg hunting!

Bunny Corn

To be perfectly honest, these aren’t one of my favorites, but they’re delicious and Easter-fun-filled all the same. My personal dislike come from the fact that they’re just pastel candy corns (and everyone knows candy corn is for Halloween, duh), but that doesn’t make them any less delicious! These sugary treats are perfect to put in plastic eggs for kids who are allergic to the chocolate or dairy in the other Easter candies. No child left behind!

Foil Wrapped Chocolate Mini Eggs

These are everywhere around Easter. They’re cheap, they’re in every store, and they’re so very delicious. If you’re looking for candy that can be eaten or handed out at just about any time of year, you’ve come to the right place. These little candies are so easy to pop in your pocket, your table centerpiece, or your mouth!

Jelly Beans

Jellybeans come in many specialty packs, and the Easter pack is one of them, but jellybeans in general are always holiday appropriate. Halloween jellybeans? Yes please. Christmas jellybeans? Sounds delicious. Easter jellybeans? Absolutely perfect.

Lindt Chocolate Carrots

Oh my god I’ve never seen anything quite this amazing. It’s a full block of delicious chocolate in the shape of a carrot. You can put some out for the Easter bunny when he comes down your chimney to deliver Easter presents! Okay, that’s Santa, but I’m sure the Easter bunny would love a healthy-looking chocolate treat.

Chocolate Bunnies

Another one I’m not so psyched about. Not because the chocolate isn’t delicious because OF COURSE it’s delicious, all chocolate is delicious. I’m not a fan of chocolate bunnies because they’re almost always hollow inside, which means there’s less chocolate per square inch! Give me a full bunny!

I want to pick the thing up and see my arms struggle under its weight. Yeah, pounds of chocolate bunny goodness. That sounds deliciously amazing. On the bright side, you can bite the ears off and fill the bunny with caramel, creme, or my personal favorite, more chocolate!

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