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Becoming a Rock-Star Executive Assistant

Career choice is one of the most important aspects of a person’s life. No one can afford to make a mistake when it comes to making this crucial decision. More often, in as much as passion is critical when choosing a career path, one must also consider the opportunities available in a given field or career option. What is the point of following a path that offers little or no opportunities at all? Speaking of opportunities, executive assistants are going places – places that most of them never thought they would reach in the first place.

In the major cities such as London for instance, there are limitless opportunities for individuals to climb up the ladder of success as executive assistants. Don’t confuse administrative assistants for executive personal assistants. The latter is actually an upgrade from the former. Professional women, especially the ones who have gone through the necessary training find this career extremely fulfilling. While there are a few women who have made to the top without studying executive assistant courses, there are many odds against them.

Why is executive PA training imperative? Apparently, executive personal assistants have long expanded past the traditional administrative roles. The modern executive PA handles project management and is also engaged in issues to do with strategic planning. Ninety percent of the time, executive assistants work alongside the top executives they support. By now, you must already have realized why it is paramount for you to undergo an executive assistant training course in the right college.

An executive PA training course prepares you for complex tasks. Remember, you are offering support to the top executives of an organization. It is almost the same as handling the duties that he is supposed to handle. As such, a person without the relevant training will experience a lot of hardships as they might not be sufficiently knowledgeable. To make your work at the organization easier, you should consider pursuing appropriate executive assistant courses. Whether you are eyeing a position as an executive personal assistant, or you are already working as one, there is a need to grow your skills.

If the above reasons can’t give you enough motivation to pursue an Executive PA course, then the salary aspect should do. Executive assistants with relevant training and certification are more highly compensated compared to those with little or no training.

Job security is yet another added advantage of being an executive PA with the right executive assistant courses. During the 2008 recession, the world witnessed shifts in managerial positions. Specifically, middle managers were laid off. These changes led to the executive PAs being handed additional workload. Even though they weren’t made managers, they were given projects to lead and oversee. This trend is likely to continue. Will you be up to the challenge when a situation like this arises? Don’t be left behind, enroll for a course that prepares you adequately for such opportunities.

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