Allergies From Pollens – Seasonal Allergy

Allergies are really common and seasonal allergy like fall allergy is even more. Sensitive people when inhale allergens, it causes allergy symptoms. These inhalant allergens are of two types perennial and seasonal. These perennial allergens will be present all round the year while the seasonal allergens will be present in different periods in the environment that to in large quantities.

Allergy from different plants

The main reason for fall allergies is that pollination of ragweed plants. This plant produces nearly billion pollens in every season. These grains can travel nearly four hundred miles when there is high wind. This allergy can also be caused by curly dock, pigweed, sagebrush and goldenrod. This goldenrod is insect pollinated and not wind pollinated. This does not cause allergy to all, but only few set of people can suffered from this. This allergy is caused by outdoor molds also. Few allergies appear in the spring season. The allergens are seen in soil, piles and leaves. Mold spores are allergens which are airborne.

These allergens are really small, light and can be easily inhaled by the lungs. These spores will rise during the day and will fall on the ground in the evening. People who have this allergy must be cautious. On windy days these people must use face mask when they go out in morning hours. They must take shower frequently, so that they can remove pollen from their skin and hair. It is best to keep the windows closed and use air conditioners in that room. Their cloths must also be dried in the room, so that they can avoid the pollens falling on the cloths.

Pollen causes allergic reactions

Many allergies are caused due to pollens. It causes sneezes and affects their health. As pollens are carried by wind, they land on human eyes, nose and skin. So when people who are having allergies with these pollens, suffer allergic reactions. These allergic reactions will cause watery eyes, itchy throat and irritation. As these pollens spread through wind, pollens from trees, weeds and grasses are the main sources of these allergies.

These allergies are caused in spring and summer as well as in fall seasons. The counts of these pollens will vary from time to time. Fall pollen is produced from weeds which can be ragweed, nettle, sorrel and fat hen. Protection from these allergies is necessary so take preventive measures before causing any allergies in allergy clinic.

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