7 Cute Back to School Accessories for 2015

Even though technically it’s still summer, school is closer than you think. With the beginning of autumn right around the corner, we have to start thinking about what we need to do to prepare for school. Aside from all the boring stuff like getting text books and school supplies, the moment we girls are all really waiting for is back to school shopping. Besides getting amazing deals, you have the chance to get a fresh start with some new clothes that will motivate you to do your best at school (and look the best, of course). After you have all of your outfits planned, you need to start thinking about accessories. Not sure where to start? Grab some inspiration from our list of 7 cute back to school accessories for 2015 and style up!

1. Name Necklace

We all know and adore the name necklaces ever since they took the teenage fashion world by storm. The classic gold and silver name necklaces will forever be a statement piece for cute and posh high school girls, so consider getting one with your name and wearing it the following school year.

2. Multiple Bracelets

This is an accessory trend that is awesome for both girls and guys. Wearing multiple bracelets in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors is a playful way to spice up your school outfit. This is a great idea if you attend a school with a uniform dress code, so you can bring some color to your day to day school life.

3. Watch

You will never be late for class if you get a super cool and cute watch to wear on your wrist this school year. You can go for a classy gold or silver piece, or keep it young and fresh with a colorful watch that will also be a visual reminder of your next class.

4. Pearls

The ultimate Queen B accessory that a girl can wear at school is a string of pearls or some adorable pearl earrings. You don’t need to spend a year’s allowance on them, you can easily find cheap pearl earrings and order them online for some high school glam.

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