Why You Simply MUST Filter Your Water

Water is the most important thing for human existence. It is the foundation of life. Nature provides us water from sky, river, lakes, fountains, waterfall etc. The presence and quality of water have played a vital role in determining where people can live. Natural water has everything which human need to satisfy his thirst.

Human activities have polluted the natural water and made it unsuitable for drinking. Although the water you get out of the faucets is treated, disinfected and purified, still a lot of impurities exist in it!

Importance of water filters

Clean and safe drinking water is scarcely available these days. Impurities like chemicals, oils, pathogenic microbes and radioactive substances are amalgamated with water.

Many waterborne diseases like typhoid, cholera, dysentery etc. are associated with the contaminated water. Do you want to risk your family’s health by serving them contaminated drinking water? Obviously NOT! That is why it is important to use water filters. Water filters can purify the water so that the water becomes safe to drink.

Benefits of Using a Water Filter

In order to take advantage of the health benefits provided by water, it is crucial to drink clean water. During water filtration process impurities like bacterial contaminants, lead etc. are removed from the drinking water. Thus, filtration process can also improve the smell and taste of drinking water.

Tap water contains chlorine and byproducts of chlorine. If you drink water without removing chlorine, then the risk of colon cancer, bladder cancer and rectal cancer are high. Filtering water removes chlorine and its byproducts from water. Filtered water also reduces the risk of gastrointestinal disease, as giardia and Cryptosporidium are removed during the water filtration process. Filtered water is also important for mental and physical growth of children.

According to researches, 2100 types of known contaminants are present in the tap water. Some of these contaminants are poisons and some of them are even worse than poisons. Thus, if you want to live healthy and long life, please take using water filter into your considerations. Water filtration is the only way to ensure that you and your family are drinking healthy water.

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